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青少儿英语指南    2020-04-21 21:03:30


定语从句是在在整个句子中做定语成分,对名词或代词(先行词)进行修饰限定的从句。定语从句按照引导词分为两种,一种是由关系代词引导的定语从句,如who、whom、which、whose、that,一种是关系副词引导的定语从句。 定语从句20例句带翻译.jpg 如when、where、why、that等。例句如下: (1) She is the lady who wants to see you. 她就是想见你的那位女士。

(2) The boy who are playing the piano is my brother. 正在弹琴的那个男孩是我弟弟。

(3) The girl whom I sent the present is beautiful. 我送她礼物的那个女孩很漂亮。

(4) He is the only one of us who knows Russian. 他是我们之中唯一会俄语的人。

(5) He is the man whom I saw this morning. 他就是我今天早上见到的那个人。

(6) My computer which I bought last year is broken. 我去年买的那台电脑坏了。

(7) I don’t like the city which he lives in. 我不喜欢他住的那座城市。

(8) Could you please show me the photo which you took yesterday? 能给我看看你昨天拍的那张照片吗?

(9) I know a girl whose father is a lawyer. 我认识一个父亲是律师的女孩。

(10) That notebook whose cover is black is mine. 那本封面是黑色的笔记本是我的。

(11) This is the book that I bought yesterday.这就是我昨天买的那本书。

(12) She gives the best speech that I have listened to. 她做了一场我听过最棒的演讲。

(13) I don’t know the reason why he was late.我不知道他迟到的原因。

(14) I will never forget the days when we worked together. 我永远不会忘记我们共事的日子。

(15) I still remember the days when we was in Beijing. 我还记得我们在北京的那些天。

(16) This is the house where I have lived for 3 years. 这是我住了3年的房子。

(17) I can’t find the place that we lived 10 years ago. 我找不到我们10年前住过的地方。

(18) There is a small room where you can study. 这有个小房间供你学习用。

(19) I met her when she was shopping. 我在她购物的时候遇见了她。

(20) His father went to London the year that he was born. 他父亲在他出生那年去了伦敦。