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《Bake,Mice, Bake!烤蛋糕的小老鼠》绘本简介

青少儿英语指南    2018-12-26 21:06:08

《Bake,Mice, Bake!烤蛋糕的小老鼠》绘本简介


作者: Eric Seltzer  

出版社: Penguin


导语:少儿英语绘本频道,为您提供Bake,Mice, Bake!烤蛋糕的小老鼠少儿英语绘本,此绘本作者是Eric Seltzer、Penguin出版,适合3岁-6岁年龄少儿阅读,还为您提供Bake,Mice, Bake!烤蛋糕的小老鼠简介、Bake,Mice, Bake!烤蛋糕的小老鼠推荐等信息。


"Level One"

It's a busy day at the "Cakes and More" bake shop The mice get there first thing in the morning to open their shop. Then they chop, stir, ice, and bake their way to the end of the day. Fun characters pick up tasty treats and keep the mice on their feet. This is a fast-paced, easy-to-read book with memorable characters and sweet illustrations