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《我爱你妈妈1 Love you Mummy》绘本简介

青少儿英语指南    2018-12-26 21:03:50

《我爱你妈妈1 Love you Mummy》绘本简介


作者: 北京科文图书业信息技术有限公司  

出版社: 北京科文图书业信息技术有限公司


导语:少儿英语绘本频道,为您提供我爱你妈妈1 Love you Mummy少儿英语绘本,此绘本作者是北京科文图书业信息技术有限公司、北京科文图书业信息技术有限公司出版,适合3岁-10岁年龄少儿阅读,还为您提供我爱你妈妈1 Love you Mummy简介、我爱你妈妈1 Love you Mummy推荐等信息。


Little Bear can't wait to try out some new experiences, and he certaanly can't wait to listen to Mummy Bear's advice. But when he realises that he's taken on more than he can handle, Mummy Bear is ready to come to the rescue. With writing paper and envelopes to write a letter to your mummy telling her how much you love her.