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《Richard Scarry's Colors斯凯瑞童书-颜色》绘本简介

青少儿英语指南    2018-12-26 20:59:04

《Richard Scarry's Colors斯凯瑞童书-颜色》绘本简介


作者: Scarry  

出版社: Sterling Publishing Co Inc


导语:少儿英语绘本频道,为您提供Richard Scarry's Colors斯凯瑞童书-颜色少儿英语绘本,此绘本作者是Scarry、Sterling Publishing Co Inc出版,适合0岁-2岁年龄少儿阅读,还为您提供Richard Scarry's Colors斯凯瑞童书-颜色简介、Richard Scarry's Colors斯凯瑞童书-颜色推荐等信息。


With art by Richard Scarry, you know this is going to be morethan your average color concept book: it educates and entertainstoo! Bright and fun to look at, it offers plenty of amusement andaction on every page. And as they’re enjoying the lively pictures,toddlers will learn some simple color basics in the most delightfulway.


More than an average color concept book, this selectionfeatures several items for each primary color, and then goes on toshow how hues are created by mixing the primary colors (yellow andblue make green; red and blue make purple). Full color.