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青少儿英语指南    2019-01-09 18:55:18



小学生英语作文第一则:《My Classroom》(我的教室)

My classroom is nice and big(我的教室很大并且很舒适),There are forty desks and chairs in the classroom(教室里有40张桌椅)。There are two black boards on the walls and there are two pictures too(教室的墙上也有两块黑板和两张图片),My classroom has eleven lights and twelve fans(教室里面有11盏灯和12个风扇). What color are the fans? (风扇是什么颜色呢?),They are blue(它们都是蓝色的)。At the corner there is a shelf, many books are in the shelf(在角落里有一个架子,架子上面有很多书),I like the books very much(我喜欢的书也有很多),This is my classroom, it is very nice(这就是我的教室、它是很好的)。I like my classroom very much(我很喜欢我的教室),Do you have a nice classroom too?(你也有一个这么好的教室吗)。

小学生英语作文第二则:《My bedroom》(我的小卧室)

I have a small bedroom(我有一个小小的卧室), it's on the third floor in my house(在我们家的三楼)。There is a small bed, a nice wardrobe and a small table in my room(在我的房间里有一张小小的床、一个非常好的衣柜和一个小小的桌子),The bed is on the left side of the table(我的床在桌子左边),The wardrobe is on the right(衣柜房间的右边),it is very beautiful(它很漂亮),There is a lamp and a clock on the table(桌子上有一个台灯和一个闹钟), the lamp is green(台灯是绿色的), the clock looks like an orange(闹钟是橘色的), it’s smart(它看起来非常的时尚)。My bedroom is small(我的房间很小), but it’s very comfortable(但是它非常地舒适)。

小学生英语作文第三则:《Good friend》(我的朋友)

I have a good friend(我有一个好朋友),She is a beautiful girl(她是一个漂亮的女孩),She has long black hair, two big black eyes and a red mouth(她有长长的黑头发,两只大大的黑色眼睛和红红的嘴唇)。Her voice is better(她的声音很好听),She is good at singing(她很擅长唱歌),She often helps us(她经常帮助我们),Our classmates like her very much(我们班的学生也都很喜欢她)。