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青少儿英语指南    2019-02-12 20:03:15


自我介绍是中文学习和英文学习中必不可少的,其实介绍方向差不多都是一样的,无非就是介绍自己的姓名、年龄、爱好、特长以及家人等等,下面我们就来看看怎么用英语介绍我自己怎么用英语介绍我自己? 用英语介绍我自己范文一: Hello everyone(大家好啊),it’s my honor to stand here introducing myself(很荣幸可以站在这里介绍我自己)。I am a very outgoing girl/boy(我是一个外向的女孩/男孩),I like reading、playing games and listening to music(我喜欢阅读、打游戏和听音乐)。Of course I also like to make friends with all the people in the school(我也很喜欢和学校的学生们交朋友)。I’m interested in learning English very much(我对英语的学习非常感兴趣),and I believe that I will do well in future(我相信我未来会表现的更加出色),I won’t let you down(我一定不会让大家失望的)。I hope I will be your best friends in the sckooe life(我希望和你们成为最好的朋友)。

用英语介绍我自己范文二: Hi everybody(大家好),My name is Han meimei (我的名字叫做韩梅梅),I study in Beijing central primary school(我在北京中心小学学习)。I am in Class 4 Grade 1(我在一年级四班),I like English very much(我非常喜欢英语)。I study English everyday(我每天都在学习英语), I read books(我喜欢读书),I listen to the tapes and watch videos(我也听英语磁带和看英语光碟)。I believe I can speak good English(我相信我能将英语说好)。There are 4 people in my family(我们家有四口人), father、mother、brother and me(爸爸、妈妈、哥哥和我), my father and mother are all very kind(我的爸爸和妈妈都非常的和蔼), welcome you to visit my family if you have time(欢迎来我家里做客如果你有时间的话)。

用英语介绍我自己范文三:Hello(你们好),My name is XXX(我的名字是XXX),My English name is XXX(我的英语名字是XXX)。My favorite food are fish and rice(我最喜欢的食物是鱼肉和米饭),Because they’re healthy(因为他们是很健康的食物)。My favorite subject are English and music(我最喜欢的学科是英语和音乐),Because they’re very interesting(因为我觉得它们是非常有趣的)。I also like my English teacher(我也很喜欢我的英语老师), Because she is funning(因为她很有趣)。Do you like me(你们喜欢我吗)?