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英语口语小故事之《Ten Candies(十块糖)》

Mother asks her son(妈妈问儿子),“Jim, if you have ten candies, and you eat four, then how many candles do you have?”(吉姆如果你有十块糖,你吃了四块之后,那么你还有多少块呢)。“Ten.” Jim says(吉姆说“十个”)“Then?”Mother ask(妈妈问“十块?”),“Yes, Mum. Four candles are in my stomach and six candies are out of my stomach. Four and six is ten, isn’t it right?”(“是的、妈妈,四块在我的肚子里,而另外六块在肚子外,4加上6不就是等于10吗”)。

英语口语小故事之《I Made Granny Glad(我让奶奶高兴了)》

A teacher is telling her students the importance of making others glad(一位老师正在告诉她得学生们使人高兴的重要性),“Now children,”she says“Did you make someone else glad?”(“听着孩子们”,老师说“你们可曾让别人感到高兴?”),“Please, teacher,” says a small boy, “I made someone glad yesterday.”(“老师、我”一个小男孩说“昨天我让别人高兴了”)。“Well done. Who was that?”The teacher says(“做得好,是谁呢?”老师问),“My granny.” The boy says(男孩说“是我的奶奶”)。“Good boy. Now tell us how you made your grandmother glad.”The teacher says(老师说“好孩子,现在来说说你是怎么让你的奶奶高兴的”),“I went to see her yesterday, and stayed with her for three hours. Then I said to her, ‘Granny, I’m going home.’ And she said, “well. I’m glad!”(“我昨天去看我的奶奶,我在她那里呆了3个小时,然后我对奶奶说奶奶、我要回家了”,然后奶奶说“好、我很高兴”)。

英语口语小故事之《A Good Boy》(一个好孩子),Little Robert asked his mother for two cents.(小罗伯特向妈妈要了两分钱),"What did you do with the money I gave you yesterday?" (昨天给你钱干什么了),"I gave it to a poor old woman,"(我给了一个可怜的老奶奶),"You're a good boy,Here are two cents more. But why are you so interested in the old woman?" (做得好、再给你两分钱,不过为什么这么做),"She is the one who sells the candy."(她是个卖糖果的)。


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