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英音 [sprɪŋ] 美音 [sprɪŋ]


n. 春季;泉水,小溪;弹簧,弹性;跳跃;

vi. 跳,跃;突然发出或出现;发源;劈开,裂开;

vt. 突然跳出;跳过;使开裂;

adj. 春天的;弹簧的,有弹性的;


  1. the season of growth;

    "the emerging buds were a sure sign of spring"
    "he will hold office until the spring of next year"

  2. a metal elastic device that returns to its shape or position when pushed or pulled or pressed;

    "the spring was broken"

  3. a natural flow of ground water

  4. a point at which water issues forth

  5. the elasticity of something that can be stretched and returns to its original length

  6. a light, self-propelled movement upwards or forwards

  1. move forward by leaps and bounds;

    "The horse bounded across the meadow"
    "The child leapt across the puddle"
    "Can you jump over the fence?"

  2. develop into a distinctive entity;

    "our plans began to take shape"

  3. spring back; spring away from an impact;

    "The rubber ball bounced"
    "These particles do not resile but they unite after they collide"

  4. develop suddenly;

    "The tire sprang a leak"

  5. produce or disclose suddenly or unexpectedly;

    "He sprang these news on me just as I was leaving"

bedspring n. (安置在床架上的)弹簧床面;
hairspring n. 细弹簧,游丝;
handspring n. 前手翻腾越,翻斤斗;
headspring n. 源泉,起源;
innerspring adj. 内装弹簧的;
mainspring n. 主体部分,主要影响;(钟表等的)主发条;
offspring n. 后代,子孙;产物,结果;(动物的)崽;幼苗;
springboard n. (有助于成功的)跳板;(跳水、体操等体育运动中的)跳板,踏板;
springbok n. 跳羚(产于非洲南部,受惊时能跳很高);
springbuck n. 跳羚(产于非洲南部,受惊时能跳很高);
springe n. 圈套; v. 设圈套;
springer n. 蹦跳的人;小鸡;拱脚石;
springhalt n. 跛行症;
springhare n. 跳鼠(一种非洲产的小袋鼠状啮齿动物);
springhead n. 根源,泉源;
springhouse n. 冷藏间;
springlet n. 小泉;小河;
springtail n. 跳虫;弹器;
springtide n. 春天,春季;
springtime n. 春季,春天;
springwood n. 春材,早材(木本植物春天所生的木质部),幼树丛;
springy adj. 有弹力[性]的;
upspring v. 向上弹,跃起;
wellspring n. 水源,泉源;

actuating spring 促动簧;
dome spring 内盖簧;
spring from 从…来;
spring board 弹簧板;
stabilizer spring 横置弹簧;
multiple spring 复式弹簧;
spring hinge 弹簧铰链;
spring gun n. 弹簧枪;
spring pawl 弹簧爪;
locking spring 锁紧弹簧;锁簧;
running spring 走发条;
spring flood 春洪,春汛;桃汛;
packing spring 填料弹簧,填密簧,密封圈弹簧;
spring control 弹簧调整,弹簧控制;
spring housing 弹簧套,弹簧罩,弹簧壳体;
spring barley 春(播)大麦;
oil spring 油泉,石油泉;
gland spring 汽封弹簧;
spring seat 弹簧座;
spring washer 弹簧垫圈,弹性垫圈;
cantilever spring 悬臂弹簧;
spring fastening 弹性扣件;