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英音 [ˈpɜ:fɪkt] 美音 [ˈpɜrfɪkt]


adj. 完美的;正确的;优秀的;极好的;

n. [语]完成时;


  1. a tense of verbs used in describing action that has been completed (sometimes regarded as perfective aspect)

  1. being complete of its kind and without defect or blemish;

    "a perfect circle"
    "a perfect reproduction"
    "perfect happiness"
    "perfect manners"
    "a perfect specimen"
    "a perfect day"

  2. without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers;

    "an arrant fool"
    "a complete coward"
    "a consummate fool"
    "a double-dyed villain"
    "gross negligence"
    "a perfect idiot"
    "pure folly"
    "what a sodding mess"
    "stark staring mad"
    "a thoroughgoing villain"
    "utter nonsense"
    "the unadulterated truth"

  3. precisely accurate or exact;

    "perfect timing"

  1. make perfect or complete;

    "perfect your French in Paris!"

imperfect adj. 有缺点的,不完美的;[语]未完成过去时的;[生]只有雄蕊或雌蕊的;[法]在法律上不能实施的; n. 处理品,瑕疵品;[语]未完成式;
perfecta n. <美><加>(赛马或跑狗中的)正序连赢;
perfectible adj. 可使完美的,可完成的;
perfection n. 完美;完善;最后加工;圆满;
perfectionism n. 十全十美主义,至善论;
perfective adj. 完成的,完成式的; n. 完成式;
perfectly adv. 完美地;理想地;完全地;无瑕疵地;
perfecto n. <美>两头尖的中型雪茄烟;
pluperfect n. 过去完成时; adj. 过去完成时的;

perfect state 理想状态;
perfect competition 完全[自由]竞争;
perfect space 完全空间;
perfect condition 理想状态;
perfect differential 完整微分;
perfect extension 完全扩张;
perfect duality 完全对偶性;
perfect obligation 完全债务;
perfect gas 理想气体;
perfect reflection 全反射;
perfect stamen 具备雄蕊;
perfect square 完全平方;
perfect code 理想码;
perfect market n. 完全市场;
perfect balance [计] 理想均衡;
perfect absorber 完全吸收体;
perfect rectifier 理想整流器;
perfect composure [医]泰然淡漠;
perfect number 完全数;
perfect detectors [医]完全探测器;
perfect binding 无线装订;


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