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英音 [ðeə(r)] 美音 [ðer]


adv. 在那里;那里;在那一点上;

pron. 表示某物或某人的存在或某事的发生(常用作be, seem或appear的主语);

int. (表示满足、烦恼)你瞧,好啦,得啦;


  1. a location other than here; that place;

    "you can take it from there"

  1. in or at that place;

    "they have lived there for years"
    "it's not there"
    "that man there"

  2. in that matter;

    "I agree with you there"

  3. to or toward that place; away from the speaker;

    "go there around noon!"

baluchithere n. 俾路支兽(一种已绝种的古代巨兽);
chalicothere n. 三爪三趾雷兽类动物;爪兽;
dinothere n. 恐兽;
megathere n. 大地懒;大懒兽;
thereabouts adv. (地点、时间、数量等)大约;上下;附近;左右;
thereafter adv. 此后,在那之后;〈罕〉据此;
thereagainst adv. <古>与之相反,反之;
thereat adj. 在那边,因此;
thereby adv. 由此,从而;在那附近;
therefor adv. 为此,因此;
therefore adv. 因此;所以;故;乃;
therefrom adv. 从那里,从此;从中;由此;
therein adv. 其中,在那里;在那点上,在那方面;
thereinafter adv. 在下文,以下;
theremin n. 泰勒明电子琴;
thereof adv. 它的;其;关于那;由此;
thereon adv. 在其上,在那上面,…之后立即;
thereto adv. 向那里;<正>随附,此外;
theretofore adv. 在那以前,到那时为止;
thereunder adv. 在那下面,依据;
thereunto adv. 到那里;
thereupon adv. <正>因此;于是;<正>立即;随即;
therewith adv. 随其;与之;与此;以其;
therewithal adv. 于是,随其;
titanothere n. 雷兽(始新世和渐新世一种奇蹄类哺乳动物);

there's n. 那儿有;
get there 达到目的,完成;有所成就;
there is 那儿有;有着;
go there v. 去那里;
all there 头脑正常的;神志清醒;
over there adv. 那里;
near there 在那附近,不远;
there are 有;
there andback 来回;
Where there is life, there is hope. 留得青山在,不怕没柴烧;
Where there is smoke , there is fire pr. 无风不起浪(事出有因);
there's n. 那儿有;
there and there abouts (表示时间、数量)大约;
there is 那儿有;有着;
all there 头脑正常的;神志清醒;
there-under [法] 遵照,在其下;
go there v. 去那里;
from there 从那里;
up there 在那里, (美)(非正式)在天上;
over there adv. 那里;
in there pitching 拚命地干,劲儿十足地干;