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英音 [faɪn] 美音 [faɪn]


adj. 好的,上等的;纤细的,精致的;健康的;晴朗的;

n. 罚款;[音乐]终止;晴天;地租;

vt. 罚款;澄清;

adv. 很好地;巧妙地;


  1. money extracted as a penalty

  1. being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition;

    "an all-right movie"
    "the passengers were shaken up but are all right"
    "is everything all right?"
    "everything's fine"
    "things are okay"
    "dinner and the movies had been fine"
    "another minute I'd have been fine"

  2. minutely precise especially in differences in meaning;

    "a fine distinction"

  3. thin in thickness or diameter;

    "a fine film of oil"
    "fine hairs"
    "read the fine print"

  4. characterized by elegance or refinement or accomplishment;

    "fine wine"
    "looking fine in her Easter suit"
    "a fine gentleman"
    "fine china and crystal"
    "a fine violinist"
    "the fine hand of a master"

  5. of textures that are smooth to the touch or substances consisting of relatively small particles;

    "wood with a fine grain"
    "fine powdery snow"
    "fine rain"
    "batiste is a cotton fabric with a fine weave"
    "covered with a fine film of dust"

  6. free from impurities; having a high or specified degree of purity;

    "gold 21 carats fine"

  1. an expression of agreement normally occurring at the beginning of a sentence

  2. in a delicate manner;

    "finely shaped features"
    "her fine drawn body"

  1. issue a ticket or a fine to as a penalty;

    "I was fined for parking on the wrong side of the street"
    "Move your car or else you will be ticketed!"

affine adj. 仿射(几何学)的姻亲; n. 姻亲;
confine vt. 限制;局限于;禁闭;管制; n. 界限,范围;国界;
define vt. 规定;使明确;精确地解释;画出…的线条; vi. (给词、短语等)下定义,构成释义;
finely adv. 美好地;精细地,细微地;
finery n. 华丽、优雅的服装或装饰;
finesse n. 手腕,手段;技巧,策略;纤细;偷牌; vt. 巧妙处理;以偷牌方式先出;施巧计;[牌]偷牌; vi. 施展巧计;偷牌;
overrefine vt. 对…作过分的精炼; vi. 区分过于琐细;
refine vt. 提炼;改善;使高雅;
superfine adj. 过于精细的;极好的;特制的;精制的;

fine finish 高级精加工,高级光洁度,超精加工;
fine thread 细纹,细牙螺纹,细线;
fine regulation 细调;细调整;精调;
fine gentleman 花花公子;
fine fraction 细颗粒部分;
fine planer 精加工刨床;
fine pattern 精细图案,精致图;
fine clay 细泥;细粘土;
train fine v. 锻炼得良好;
fine-tune vt. 调整,使有规则;对进行微调;
fine grit 细粒度;
fine streak 细条纹(玻璃缺陷);
fine dust 细粉尘;纤尘;
fine abrasive [医]细磨研磨剂(切片机刀磨刀用);
fine drawing 细丝拉拔;
minimum fine [法] 最低罪款额;
fine hairs 纤细茸毛;
fine injection [医] 小血管注射;
fine chemical [医]高纯度化学药品;精细化工;
fine-fibred 拉成纤维的;