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英音 [kaʊnt] 美音 [kaʊnt]


n. 总数;数数;罪状;论点;

v. 数数;计算总数;把…算入;重要;


  1. the total number counted;

    "a blood count"

  2. the act of counting; reciting numbers in ascending order;

    "the counting continued for several hours"

  3. a nobleman (in various countries) having rank equal to a British earl

  1. determine the number or amount of;

    "Can you count the books on your shelf?"
    "Count your change"

  2. have weight; have import, carry weight;

    "It does not matter much"

  3. show consideration for; take into account;

    "You must consider her age"
    "The judge considered the offender's youth and was lenient"

  4. name or recite the numbers in ascending order;

    "The toddler could count to 100"

  5. put into a group;

    "The academy counts several Nobel Prize winners among its members"

  6. include as if by counting;

    "I can count my colleagues in the opposition"

  7. have a certain value or carry a certain weight;

    "each answer counts as three points"

  8. have faith or confidence in;

    "you can count on me to help you any time"
    "Look to your friends for support"
    "You can bet on that!"
    "Depend on your family in times of crisis"

  9. take account of;

    "You have to reckon with our opponents"
    "Count on the monsoon"

account n. 账,账目;存款;记述,报告;理由; vi. 解释;导致;报账; vt. 认为;把…视作;
countable adj. <语法>(指名词)可数的;
countdown n. 倒数读秒,倒计时;大事临近的时期;准备过程,准备工作;
countenance n. 表情;脸,面孔;赞同,支持;鼓励; vt. 表示赞同;嘉奖;宽恕;
counter n. 柜台;对立面;计数器;(某些棋盘游戏的)筹码; adj. 相反的; vt. 反击,还击;反向移动,对着干;反驳,回答; vi. 逆向移动,对着干;反驳; adv. 反方向地;背道而驰地;
counter- pref. 表示“相反,相对”之义;
counteract vt. 抵消;阻碍;中和;
counterargument n. 辩论,抗辩;
counterattack n.&v. 反攻,反击;逆袭;
counterbalance vt. 对…起平衡作用,抵消; n. 抗衡 (力),平衡力;
counterblow n. 反击;
counterchange v. 使互换位置,变换,使交错;
countercharge n. 反攻,反诉; vt. 反击,反诉,反告;
countercheck n. 阻挡,对抗方法,妨碍; vt. 制止,防止,复查;
counterclaim v.& n. 反诉状,索赔;
counterclockwise adj. 逆时针方向的,自右向左的; adv. 逆时针方向地,自右向左地;
counterconditioning n. 对抗条件反射作用;
countercoup n. 反政变;
counterculture n. 反主流文化;反传统文化;
countercurrent n. 逆流,反向电流; adv. 相反地;
countercyclical adj. 反周期的(指与商业周期既定阶段发展方向相反的,如在商业周期高涨阶段采取通货紧缩政策,以防止通货膨胀等问题出现);
counterdemonstration n. 反示威,反验证;
counterespionage n. 反间谍(活动),策反;
counterexample n. 反例;
counterfactual adj. 反事实的(指在不同条件下有可能发生但违反现存事实的);
counterfeit n. 仿制品,伪造物;肖像,画像; vt.& vi. 仿制,造假;假装,伪装; adj. 仿造的,假冒的;虚伪的;
counterfoil n. (支票、票据等的)存根,票根;
counterforce n. 反作用力,反击力;
counterglow n. 对日;
counterinsurgency n. 镇压叛乱(暴动),反破坏; adj. 反游击战与破坏的;
counterintelligence n. 反情报秘密行动,反情报政府部门;
counterirritant n. 反刺激剂(药物,敷于皮肤上,激起痛楚,以减轻他处一个更强烈的痛苦);抗刺激药;
counterman n. 拿菜给顾客的服务员;
countermand vt. 取消(命令),撤回;
countermarch n. 后退,倒退,背面行进; v. 回头前进,向反方向前进;
countermeasure n. 对策,反措施;
countermine n. 反地道,对抗计划; v. 用候敌地道防卫;将计就计;以计破计;对抗;
countermove n. 反向运动,对抗手段;
counteroffensive n. 反攻,反击;

blood count n. 血球计数;
count by n. 间隔数;
count agaist 认为…不利于;
count for 有价值,有重要性;
count impulse 计数脉冲;
count much 非常重要,举足轻重,有很大价值;
count quadrat 计数样方;
count cycle 计数循环;
count up 加起来,算出总数;
count detector 计数检测器;
beyond count 不计其数;不可计量;
initial count [医]初始计数(核);
carat count 克拉计数;
pulse count 脉冲计数,脉冲数;
Breed count 品种记数;
count value 计数值;
hop count 跳跃总数;
count enable 可计数,可计算;
column count 列的计算,列计数;行计算;
fabric count 织物经纬密度;
cell count 细胞计数;