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英音 [ɔ:l] 美音 [ɔl]


adj. 全部的;一切的;各种的;极度的,尽量的;

pron. 全部;一切;每个人,每件东西;全部情况;

adv. 全部地;完全地;每个;非常;

n. 全体;[常作A-]整体;[常与my, your, his, her等连用](某人)所有的一切;


  1. quantifier; used with either mass or count nouns to indicate the whole number or amount of or every one of a class;

    "we sat up all night"
    "ate all the food"
    "all men are mortal"
    "all parties are welcome"

  2. completely given to or absorbed by;

    "became all attention"

  1. to a complete degree or to the full or entire extent (`whole' is often used informally for `wholly');

    "he was wholly convinced"
    "entirely satisfied with the meal"
    "it was completely different from what we expected"
    "was completely at fault"
    "a totally new situation"
    "the directions were all wrong"
    "it was not altogether her fault"
    "an altogether new approach"
    "a whole new idea"

all- 全部;完全;十足;
allamanda n. 黄蔓;
allantoid adj. 尿囊的,尿囊样的; n. 尿膜,尿囊;
allantoin n. 尿囊素;
allantois n. 尿囊;
allargando adj.& adv. <意>逐渐减慢转强(的);
allay vt. 减轻,缓和;使冷静,使平静;止渴;消痛;
allegation n. 陈述,主张;宣称;陈词,陈述;指控;
allege vt. 断言,宣称,辩解;提出…作为理由;
alleged adj. 声称的,所谓的;被断言的;可疑的,靠不住的; v. 宣称,断言( allege的过去式和过去分词);
allegiance n. 忠诚,拥护;(封建)臣道,忠节;
allegorical adj. 寓言的,讽喻的;
allegorize v. 寓言化,以寓言诠释;
allegory n. 寓言;
allegretto adv. 稍快地; n. 快板;
allegro adv.& adj. <音>活泼地(的); n. 快板;
allele n. 等位基因,等位片段;
allelomorph n. 对偶值;
allelopathy n. 植化相克;远效应;

all in all 总的来说,大体而言;总而言之;总之;归根结蒂;
all thumbs 笨手笨脚的;
all flesh n. 众生,人类;
all wet 湿透;完全弄错了;大错特错;
all references n. 所有引用;
you-all n. 你们大家,你们;
all-wave adj. 从所有方向的;
all-weather adj. 适应各种气候的,全天候的;
beyond all 首先,首要地;
all-party adj. 各党派的,各党派一致的,超党派的;
all cut 以削球为主的战术;
all in all out 全进全出;
all-in adj. 包括一切(费用)的;
Inject-all [医](百时美施贵宝公司)预灌注一次性稀释注射器;
in all 总共,合计;通共;拢共;成总儿;
all levels [计] 所有层次;
all stage 整个阶段;
All-Terrain [医]全地形;
All aboard! st. 请上船(车,飞机);
all there 头脑正常的;神志清醒;