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英音 [səʊ] 美音 [soʊ]


adv. 这样;很;(表示程度)这么;同样;

conj. (表示因果关系)因此;(表示目的)为了;(引出下文);(认为某事无关紧要,尤用于反驳他人的指责时)(口语);

pron. 如此;这样;大约;左右;

int. [表示同意、赞成等] 好啦,就这样吧!停下!(停住)别动!;[表示惊讶、冷淡等] 哦;真的吗;

adj. 真的;事实如此的;如此的;整齐的;


  1. the syllable naming the fifth (dominant) note of any musical scale in solmization

  1. to a very great extent or degree;

    "the idea is so obvious"
    "never been so happy"
    "I love you so"
    "my head aches so!"

  2. in a manner that facilitates;

    "he observed the snakes so he could describe their behavior"
    "he stooped down so he could pick up his hat"

  3. in such a condition or manner, especially as expressed or implied;

    "They're happy and I hope they will remain so"
    "so live your life that old age will bring no regrets"

  4. to a certain unspecified extent or degree;

    "I can only go so far with this student"
    "can do only so much in a day"

  5. in the same way; also;

    "I was offended and so was he"
    "worked hard and so did she"

  6. in the way indicated;

    "hold the brush so"
    "set up the pieces thus"

  7. (usually followed by `that') to an extent or degree as expressed;

    "he was so tired he could hardly stand"
    "so dirty that it smells"

  8. subsequently or soon afterward (often used as sentence connectors);

    "then he left"
    "go left first, then right"
    "first came lightning, then thunder"
    "we watched the late movie and then went to bed"
    "and so home and to bed"

  9. (used to introduce a logical conclusion) from that fact or reason or as a result;

    "therefore X must be true"
    "the eggs were fresh and hence satisfactory"
    "we were young and thence optimistic"
    "it is late and thus we must go"
    "the witness is biased and so cannot be trusted"

  10. in truth (often tends to intensify);

    "they said the car would break down and indeed it did"
    "it is very cold indeed"
    "was indeed grateful"
    "indeed, the rain may still come"
    "he did so do it!"

so. [医][=suborder]亚目(生物分类);
soak vt. 浸泡,浸透;吸入;沉浸在(工作或学习中);湿透; vi. 浸泡;渗透或浸透,渗出;讲话者暂停了一下;[俚语] 酗酒; n. 湿透;酒鬼;浸湿性;[俚语]醉汉;
soakage n. 浸润,浸透,浸渍;
soap n. 肥皂;肥皂剧;[化]皂,脂肪酸盐; vt. 抹肥皂;用肥皂擦洗;<俚>拍…的马屁,吹捧(某人); vi. 用肥皂擦洗;
soapbark n. 皂树,皂树皮;
soapberry n. 无患子属植物;
soapbox n. 肥皂箱;
soapstone n. 皂石;滑石;
soapsuds n. 肥皂水上的泡沫,有泡沫的肥皂水;
soapwort n. 肥皂草属之植物,肥皂草;
soapy adj. 含有肥皂的,沾满肥皂的;似肥皂的; adv. 沾满肥皂地;
soar vi. 高飞;飞腾;猛增,剧增;高耸,屹立; n. 高飞;高涨;高飞范围;上升高度; vt. 高飞越过;飞升到;
soaring adj. 高飞的,翱翔的;高耸的; v. 高飞( soar的现在分词 );猛增;(音乐)升高;高耸;
soave n. (意大利)苏瓦韦白葡萄酒(一种不带甜味的白葡萄酒); adj. <意>甜蜜的,柔和的; adv. <意>甜蜜地,柔和地;
sob vi. 呜咽;发呜咽声; vt. 哭诉,呜咽着说;哭得使…; n. 啜泣(声),呜咽(声);
sober adj. 头脑清醒的,冷静的;未醉的,没喝醉的;有节制的;朴素的,素净的; vt.& vi. (使)冷静,(使)清醒;使严肃;
sobersides n. 镇定不乱的人,不苟言笑的人;
sobriety n. 清醒;未醉;严肃;节制;

SO adv. 这样;很;(表示程度)这么;同样; conj. (表示因果关系)因此;(表示目的)为了;(引出下文);(认为某事无关紧要,尤用于反驳他人的指责时)(口语); pron. 如此;这样;大约;左右; int. [表示同意、赞成等] 好啦,就这样吧!停下!(停住)别动!;[表示惊讶、冷淡等] 哦;真的吗; adj. 真的;事实如此的;如此的;整齐的;
so-so adj.& adv. 不好不坏的(地),一般的(地);马虎虎的(地);不怎么样;
so and so 某某,如此这般;
So far,so good. st. 到目前为止一切顺利。;
so much so that 到这种程度以致;甚或;甚至;
so and so only 别无他法;
So far so good 到现在为止,一直都还不错。;
so-and-so n. 某某人;某某物; adv. 诸如此类地;
even so 虽然如此,即使如此;
so that 以便;结果,以致;俾;
so far 到目前为止;迄今为止;到这点为止; 仅到一定程度;
so. [医][=suborder]亚目(生物分类);
so so 勉强过得去,一般;
So far, so good 到目前为止一切顺利;
SO/a.m. [医][=sutures out in a.m.]上午拆线;
or so 大约;左右;把;
so as adv. 只要;
and so adv. 因此;