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英音 [ɪmˈpɔ:tnt] 美音 [ɪmˈpɔrtnt]


adj. 重要的;权威的;有势力的;有地位的;


  1. of great significance or value;

    "important people"
    "the important questions of the day"

  2. important in effect or meaning;

    "a significant change in tax laws"
    "a significant change in the Constitution"
    "a significant contribution"
    "significant details"
    "statistically significant"

  3. of extreme importance; vital to the resolution of a crisis;

    "a crucial moment in his career"
    "a crucial election"
    "a crucial issue for women"

  4. having authority or ascendancy or influence;

    "an important official"
    "the captain's authoritative manner"

  5. having or suggesting a consciousness of high position;

    "recited the decree with an important air"
    "took long important strides in the direction of his office"

unimportant adj. 不重要的;琐细的;平凡的;不要紧;

self-important adj. 高傲的,妄自尊大的;
important clause 重要条款;
all-important adj. 非常重要的,首要的;
put the trivial above important 轻重倒置;
play an important role in 在…中起重要作用;
clinically important [建] 临床重要的;
important criminal 要犯;
important figure [法] 有地位的人,要人;
all-important adj. 非常重要的,首要的;
important money 大笔款项(美俗称大钞);
important event [法] 重大事件;
important records 重要事项记述;
important resonance 重要共振;
important factor 重要因素;
self-important adj. 高傲的,妄自尊大的;
important case [法] 重大案件;