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英音 [ˈprɒmɪs] 美音 [ˈprɑmɪs]


vt. 允诺,许诺;给人以…的指望或希望;

vi. 许诺;有指望,有前途;

n. 许诺;希望,指望;允诺的东西;


  1. a verbal commitment by one person to another agreeing to do (or not to do) something in the future

  2. grounds for feeling hopeful about the future;

    "there is little or no promise that he will recover"

  1. make a promise or commitment

  2. promise to undertake or give;

    "I promise you my best effort"

  3. make a prediction about; tell in advance;

    "Call the outcome of an election"

  4. give grounds for expectations;

    "The new results were promising"
    "The results promised fame and glory"

compromise n. 妥协;(名誉等的)损害;妥协(或折中)方案;折中物; vi. 折中解决;妥协,退让; vt. 违背(原则);连累;(尤指因行为不很明智)使陷入危险;
promisee n. <律>受约人;

promise oneself v. 指望;
piecrust promise 脆弱的诺言,靠不住的诺言;
promise well 显示出成功的迹象,前景很好;
Promise is debt. st. 许愿要还。;
Land of Promise n. 天国;
promise sb. to sb. 把某人许配给某人;
promise sb. the moon v. 答应某人做不到的事;
lick and a promise n. 随便洗一把,猫洗脸一划拉;
make a promise 允诺;
land of promise n. 天国;
keep one's promise 遵守诺言;守约;说一是一;
Promise vt. 允诺,许诺;给人以…的指望或希望; vi. 许诺;有指望,有前途; n. 许诺;希望,指望;允诺的东西;
promise oneself v. 指望;
bare promise [法] 无偿的承诺;
implied promise 默示承诺;
secred promise [法] 郑重的诺言;
express promise 明示诺言;
verbal promise [法] 口头诺言,口头承诺;
naked promise 无效诺言;
conditional promise [法] 附条件的承诺;
implicit promise [经] 默契;
parol promise 口头允诺;