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英音 [mɑ:tʃ] 美音 [mɑrtʃ]


vi. (坚定地向某地)前进;行军,进军;游行示威;进展,进行;

vt. 使前进;使行军;

n. 行进,前进;行军;游行示威;进行曲;


  1. the month following February and preceding April

  2. the act of marching; walking with regular steps (especially in a procession of some kind);

    "it was a long march"
    "we heard the sound of marching"

  3. a steady advance;

    "the march of science"
    "the march of time"

  4. a procession of people walking together;

    "the march went up Fifth Avenue"

  5. district consisting of the area on either side of a border or boundary of a country or an area;

    "the Welsh marches between England and Wales"

  6. genre of music written for marching;

    "Sousa wrote the best marches"

  7. a degree granted for the successful completion of advanced study of architecture

  1. march in a procession;

    "They processed into the dining room"

  2. force to march;

    "The Japanese marched their prisoners through Manchuria"

  3. walk fast, with regular or measured steps; walk with a stride;

    "He marched into the classroom and announced the exam"
    "The soldiers marched across the border"

  4. march in protest; take part in a demonstration;

    "Thousands demonstrated against globalization during the meeting of the most powerful economic nations in Seattle"

  5. walk ostentatiously;

    "She parades her new husband around town"

  6. cause to march or go at a marching pace;

    "They marched the mules into the desert"

  7. lie adjacent to another or share a boundary;

    "Canada adjoins the U.S."
    "England marches with Scotland"

countermarch n. 后退,倒退,背面行进; v. 回头前进,向反方向前进;
marcher n. 边疆地区居民;边境防务长官;行进者;行军者;
marchesa n. <意>女侯爵,侯爵夫人;
marchese n. <意>侯爵;
marchioness n. 侯爵夫人,女侯爵;
marchland n. <罕>边界地方,边陲,朦胧之境;
marchpane n. 碎杏仁制成的饼;
date n. 日期,日子;约会;时代,年代;(北非和西亚常见的海枣树的)海枣; vt. 过时;使…显老;显示出…时代(或年龄);鉴定…的年代; vt.& vi. 与人约会,相约; vi. 属于某一特定时期;从某时起计算日期;记载日期;注有(或注明)日期;
Sunday n. 星期日,星期天;每逢星期日出版的报纸;星期日报;[人名] 森迪;
Monday n. 星期一;周一;
Tuesday n. 星期二;
Wednesday n. 星期三;
Thursday n. 星期四,礼拜四,周四;[电影]惊爆星期四;
Friday n. 星期五,周五,礼拜五;《鲁滨逊漂流记》中鲁滨逊的仆人;[人名] [英格兰人姓氏] 弗赖迪可能是德意志或犹太人人名的英译;
Saturday n. 星期六,周六;
January n. 一月;[人名] 贾纽厄里;
February n. 二月;
March vi. (坚定地向某地)前进;行军,进军;游行示威;进展,进行; vt. 使前进;使行军; n. 行进,前进;行军;游行示威;进行曲;
April n. 四月;
May aux. 可以;也许;会;但愿; n. [May]五月;山楂属植物;(五朔节装饰用的)绿枝花枝;(春天开花的)绣线菊属植物;
June n. 六月;[女子名]琼,来源于拉丁语,含义是“年轻气盛的六月”(youthful from the name of the month);
July n. 七月;
August adj. 令人敬畏的,威严的;
September n. 九月;[电影]情怀九月天;
October n. 十月;
November n. 十一月;通讯中用以代替字母 n 的词;
December n. 12月;

March vi. (坚定地向某地)前进;行军,进军;游行示威;进展,进行; vt. 使前进;使行军; n. 行进,前进;行军;游行示威;进行曲;
hasty march 急行军;
quick march n. 齐步行进;齐步走;
route march n. 便步行军;
frog-march vt. 使(犯人)面朝下由四人提着四肢行走;
march map 行军图;
forced march n. 强行军;
march-past n. 分列式;
rogue's march n. 放逐曲,大肆喧扰;
funeral march 葬礼进行曲;
march fly 毛蚊;
march outpost 行军前哨;
march fracture 行军骨折;
march rule 行军规则;
wedding march n. 婚礼进行曲;
march casualty 行军伤病员;
March equinox 春分点;
march tumor 行军瘤;
march-foot [医]行军足;
march hygiene 行军卫生;
march disposition 行军序列;
march ability 行军能力;