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英音 [ˈpraɪvət] 美音 [ˈpraɪvɪt]


adj. 私有的,私人的;秘密的;内心的;平民的,无官职的,士兵的;

n. 列兵,士兵,[陆]二等兵;〈古〉私人,个人;阴部,生殖器;


  1. an enlisted man of the lowest rank in the Army or Marines;

    "our prisoner was just a private and knew nothing of value"

  1. confined to particular persons or groups or providing privacy;

    "a private place"
    "private discussions"
    "private lessons"
    "a private club"
    "a private secretary"
    "private property"
    "the former President is now a private citizen"
    "public figures struggle to maintain a private life"

  2. concerning things deeply private and personal;

    "private correspondence"
    "private family matters"

  3. concerning one person exclusively;

    "we all have individual cars"
    "each room has a private bath"

  4. not expressed;

    "secret (or private) thoughts"

privateer n. (战时特准攻击敌方商船的)武装民船,私掠船;私掠船船长;私掠船船员; 私掠巡航;
semiprivate adj. (尤指医院病房)半私用的,半专用的;

private hauler 自用运输业者;
private aviation 私人航空;
private company n. 私人公司,股权不公开公司;
private landscape 私人庭园;
private market 自由市场;
private war 私斗,世仇;
private verb 私动词;
private meeting 秘密会议;
private income 私人收入;
private eye n. 私家侦探;
private loan 私人贷款;
private forest 私有林;
private sector 私营成分,私营部门;
private school n. 私立中小学;
private goal [法] 私设的监狱;
private trust 私人信托;
private specificity 独有特异性;
private wire 专用线;
private data 私人[专用]数据;
private clinic [医]私人诊所;


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