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英音 [ˈfɒrɪst] 美音 [ˈfɔrɪst]


n. 森林;丛林;(森林似的)一丛;一片;

vt. 在…造林,使长满树林,使成为森林;


  1. the trees and other plants in a large densely wooded area

  2. land that is covered with trees and shrubs

  1. establish a forest on previously unforested land;

    "afforest the mountains"

afforest v. 造林于;
deforest vt. 砍伐森林;清除…上的树林;
forestage n. 舞台幕布以前的部分;
forestall vt. 先发制人,预先阻止;垄断,屯积;领先;
forestay n. 前桅支索;
forestaysail n. 前支索的三角帆;
forester n. 林务员,林务官;
forestland n. 林地;
forestry n. 林学;林业;造林术;林地;
reforest vt. 重新造林;

association forest 群丛林;
forest stand 林分,林段;
heath forest 石南林;
forest plot 森林小区;
forest law 森林法;
forest genetics 林木育种;
planted forest 人工林;
forest chemistry 森林化学;
temporary forest 暂时森林;
shared forest 共有林;
ecological forest 生态林;
private forest 私有林;
selection forest 择伐林;
forest-property 森林所有权;
forest microclimate 森林小气候;
maple forest 槭村林;
forest improvement 森林改进伐;
forest court [法] 森林法庭;
disturbed forest 受拢林;
palm forest 椰子林;
cypress forest 柏林;