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英音 [nju:] 美音 [nu]


adj. 新的,崭新的;新鲜的,新到的;现代的;初次(听到)的;

adv. 新近,最近;


  1. not of long duration; having just (or relatively recently) come into being or been made or acquired or discovered;

    "a new law"
    "new cars"
    "a new comet"
    "a new friend"
    "a new year"
    "the New World"

  2. original and of a kind not seen before;

    "the computer produced a completely novel proof of a well-known theorem"

  3. lacking training or experience;

    "the new men were eager to fight"
    "raw recruits"

  4. having no previous example or precedent or parallel;

    "a time of unexampled prosperity"

  5. other than the former one(s); different;

    "they now have a new leaders"
    "my new car is four years old but has only 15,000 miles on it"
    "ready to take a new direction"

  6. unaffected by use or exposure;

    "it looks like new"

  7. (of a new kind or fashion) gratuitously new;

    "newfangled ideas"
    "she buys all these new-fangled machines and never uses them"

  8. in use after medieval times;

    "New Eqyptian was the language of the 18th to 21st dynasties"

  9. used of a living language; being the current stage in its development;

    "Modern English"
    "New Hebrew is Israeli Hebrew"

  10. (of crops) harvested at an early stage of development; before complete maturity;

    "new potatoes"
    "young corn"

  11. unfamiliar;

    "new experiences"
    "experiences new to him"
    "errors of someone new to the job"

  1. very recently;

    "they are newly married"
    "newly raised objections"
    "a newly arranged hairdo"
    "grass new washed by the rain"
    "a freshly cleaned floor"
    "we are fresh out of tomatoes"

newborn adj. (婴儿)新生的,初生的;再生的,复活的; n. 婴儿;
newcomer n. 新来的人;新手;新生事物;
newel n. 中心柱,楼梯上下端的栏杆支柱;
newfangled adj. 新奇的,新制的;
newfound adj. 新发现的,新得到的;
newish adj. 稍新的;
newly adv. 新近,最近;重新,又,再度;以新的方式;乍;
newlywed n. 新婚的人;
news n. 新闻;消息;(可当作新闻内容的)人;物;
newsboy n. 报童,送报人;
newsbreak n. 有报导价值的事件;
newscast n. <美>新闻广播;
newsgirl n. 女报童;
newsletter n. (给特定读者定期寄发的)通讯;时事通讯;业务通讯;
newsmagazine n. (一般为每周出版概述并分析时事的)新闻杂志;
newsmaker n. 制造新闻的事件;新闻人物;
newsman n. 新闻记者;

bran-new adj. 全新的,崭新的;新制;
new-model vt. 改造,重编;
New Deal 彻底改变;
new species 新品种;
New Yorker n. 纽约州人或居民,纽约市人或居民;
new look n. 新面目,新气象;新貌;
fire-new adj. 崭新的,新颖的,全新的;
New Hebrides 新赫布里底(群岛)(在西南太平洋、斐济西面,瓦努阿图的旧称);
new matter 新的事物;
new moon 新月;朔月;朔;
New York n. 纽约(于1624年建城,位于纽约州东南部,隶属纽约州管辖,下辖五个区。纽约是整个美国的金融经济中心、最大城市、港口和人口最多的城市,同时也是世界最大的城市);
New adj. 新的,崭新的;新鲜的,新到的;现代的;初次(听到)的; adv. 新近,最近;
new vascularization [医]新血管形成;
new media [医]新传播媒介,新媒体;
New Caledonians [医]新加里东人(苏格兰);
new-built adj. 新建的;
New-nueleo [医]核苷酸钠[治白细胞减少药,治肝炎药];
new start 重新起动;
new subspecies 新亚种;
new town n. <英>新市镇;新区;卫星城;
new account 新开帐户;