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英音 [ˈnɔ:ml] 美音 [ˈnɔrml]


adj. 正常的;正规的,标准的;[数学]正交的;精神健全的;

n. 正常,常态;标准;[数学]法线;


  1. something regarded as a normative example;

    "the convention of not naming the main character"
    "violence is the rule not the exception"
    "his formula for impressing visitors"

  1. conforming with or constituting a norm or standard or level or type or social norm; not abnormal;

    "serve wine at normal room temperature"
    "normal diplomatic relations"
    "normal working hours"
    "normal word order"
    "normal curiosity"
    "the normal course of events"

  2. in accordance with scientific laws

  3. being approximately average or within certain limits in e.g. intelligence and development;

    "a perfectly normal child"
    "of normal intelligence"
    "the most normal person I've ever met"

  4. forming a right angle

abnormal adj. 反常的,异常的;不规则的;变态的,畸形的;邪门儿;
lognormal adj. 对数正态的;
normalcy n. 常态,正常;
normality n. 常态;[化]当量浓度;规度;正态;
normalize vt. 使正常化;使标准化;
paranormal adj. 超出科学可知范围的,不正常的,奇异的;
subnormal adj. 低于正常的,低能的;次正常;
supernormal adj. 非凡的,异于寻常的;

normal incidence 正入射,法线入射,垂直入射;正射;
normal climate 正常气候;
normal domain 正规数域,伽罗瓦数域;
normal clear 正常进行;
normal isopleth 平均等值线;
normal revolution 正常转数;
normal mode 正常振荡型;固有振荡模;自然振荡;标准振荡方式;
normal solution 规定溶液,当量溶液;
normal compound 正构化合物;
normal juice 原汁;
normal profit 正常利润;
normal persons [法] 正常人;
wave normal 波(面)法线;
normal equations 正规方程;
normal phagocytosis [医]正常吞噬作用;
outward normal 外向法线,外法线;
Normal color 正常颜色;
normal output 正常输出,标准产量;
normal trajectory 理想弹道,标准弹道;