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英音 [ˈkʌmpəni] 美音 [ˈkʌmpəni]


n. 公司,商号;作伴,伴侣,客人;连队,中队;(社交)集会,聚会;


  1. an institution created to conduct business;

    "he only invests in large well-established companies"
    "he started the company in his garage"

  2. small military unit; usually two or three platoons

  3. the state of being with someone;

    "he missed their company"
    "he enjoyed the society of his friends"

  4. organization of performers and associated personnel (especially theatrical);

    "the traveling company all stayed at the same hotel"

  5. a social or business visitor;

    "the room was a mess because he hadn't expected company"

  6. a social gathering of guests or companions;

    "the house was filled with company when I arrived"

  7. a band of people associated temporarily in some activity;

    "they organized a party to search for food"
    "the company of cooks walked into the kitchen"

  8. crew of a ship including the officers; the whole force or personnel of a ship

  9. a unit of firefighters including their equipment;

    "a hook-and-ladder company"

  1. be a companion to somebody

accompany vt. 陪伴,陪同;附加,补充;与…共存;为…伴奏; vi. 伴奏;

holding company , controlling company 控股公司;
defunct company 已停业的公司;已停业公司;
private company n. 私人公司,股权不公开公司;
wrecking company n. (沉船)打捞公司;
related company 联营公司;
predecessor company 被接管公司;前公司;
repertory company 准备多种剧目定期更换演出的剧团;
bonding company n. 担保公司;
company promoter n. (股份)公司发起人;
publishing company 出版社;
mortgage company 抵押放款公司;
performance company 演出公司;
underlying company n. 附属公司;
company act [经] 公司法;
in-company adj. 公司内部的,内部作业的;
business company [经] 商业公司;
specialized company [法] 专业公司;
telephone company 电话公司;
chemical company 化学公司;
merged company 合伙公司;
controlled company n. 受控公司;


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