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英音 [ˈʌðə(r)] 美音 [ˈʌðər]


adj. 别的;其他的;(两个中的)另一个;其余的;

pron. 其他的;(指两个人或事物中的第二个)那个;(指一组中其余的人或事物)其余的;(指与说话人所在位置等相反的方向或地点)另一边;

n. [the other]对立面;对立的事物;


  1. not the same one or ones already mentioned or implied;

    "today isn't any other day"
    "the construction of highways and other public works"
    "he asked for other employment"
    "any other person would tell the truth"
    "his other books are still in storage"
    "then we looked at the other house"
    "hearing was good in his other ear"
    "the other sex"
    "she lived on the other side of the street from me"
    "went in the other direction"

  2. recently past;

    "the other evening"

  3. belonging to the distant past;

    "the early inhabitants of Europe"
    "former generations"
    "in other times"

  4. very unusual; different in character or quality from the normal or expected;

    "a strange, other dimension...where his powers seemed to fail"

another adj. 又一个;再一个;另一的;其他一种; pron. 另一个,别个;再一个;
bother vt. 烦扰,打扰;使…不安,使…恼怒;使迷惑;烦恼; vi. 操心;麻烦;烦恼; n. 麻烦,操心;累赘;烦扰,吵闹;讨厌的人;
brother n. 兄弟;同事,同胞;同志; int. (表示生气或吃惊)我的老兄!;
foremother n. 女祖先;
godmother n. 教母;意想不到的恩人,危难时提供帮助的救星;
grandmother n. (外)祖母;老奶奶;女祖先; vt. 当…的祖母; vi. 当祖母;
housemother n. 女舍监;
mother n. 母亲,妈妈;女修道院院长;大娘; vt. 像母亲般地照顾;养育;溺爱;
otherness n. 相异,不同,另一物;
otherwise adv. 否则;另外;别的方式; adj. 别的,另外的;不同的; conj. 否则,不然;
otherworld n. 来世,冥世;
otherworldly adj. 非现实世界的,超世俗的,超自然的;
pother n. <文>喧闹,骚动,混乱; vt. (使)紧张不安,(使)焦虑; vi. 喧闹,忙乱;
smother v. (使)窒息,(使)透不过气;遮掩;抑制; n. 窒息物;浓烟,浓雾;
stepbrother n. (继母与其前夫或继父与其前妻所生的)哥哥,弟弟;
stepmother n. 继母,后母;
tother adj. 别的,另一个的; conj. 另一;

other world 来世,来生;
other night n. (前面与the连用)几天前;
other-worldly adj. 超脱尘世的,超俗的;
quite other 完全不同的;
other than prep. 不同,不同于,不;除了;绝不是;
other woman n. (前面与the连用)情妇;
other one n. 其他的;
the other 是其中的“另一个”;
other day n. (前面与the连用)几天前;
every other 所有其他的人[事];隔,间;
other from 不同于;
other revenue 其他收益;
other orientation 由己及人定向;
other liabilities 其他负债;
Other hydrocele [医]其他水囊肿;
other assets 其他资产;
other guide 其他内容;
each other v. (用作动词或介词的宾语)互相,彼此;
Other hypersensitivity [医]其他过敏性;


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