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英音 [ɪˈfekt] 美音 [ɪˈfɛkt]


n. 影响;效果;印象;所有物;

vt. 使发生;引起;产生(效果);


  1. a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon;

    "the magnetic effect was greater when the rod was lengthwise"
    "his decision had depressing consequences for business"
    "he acted very wise after the event"

  2. an outward appearance;

    "he made a good impression"
    "I wanted to create an impression of success"
    "she retained that bold effect in her reproductions of the original painting"

  3. an impression (especially one that is artificial or contrived);

    "he just did it for effect"

  4. the central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work

  5. (of a law) having legal validity;

    "the law is still in effect"

  6. a symptom caused by an illness or a drug;

    "the effects of sleep loss"
    "the effect of the anesthetic"

  1. produce;

    "The scientists set up a shock wave"

  2. act so as to bring into existence;

    "effect a change"

aftereffect n. 后果;事后影响;(药物的)后效;后作用;
effective adj. 有效的;起作用的;实际的,实在的;给人深刻印象; n. [军]现役兵额,有生力量,精兵;
effectively adv. 有效地;实际上,事实上;
effector n. 受动器;感受器;
effectual adj. 奏效的,收效的;行之有效;
effectuate vt. 实行,完成;

slot effect 齿槽效应;
greenhouse effect n. 温室效应;
density effect 密度效应;
external effect 外部效应;
dissipation effect 消散效应;
twist effect 扭曲效应;
allocative effect 配置效果;
hyperosmotic effect 高渗效应;
cogging effect 嵌齿效应;
domino effect n. 多米诺效应(政治术语,指一事件引起连锁反应);
funneling effect 漏斗效应;
fluxing effect 造渣作用;
psychrometer effect 干湿效应;
ion effect 离子效应;
strengthening effect 强化效应;
scavenger effect 清除剂效应;
pearlescent effect [化] 珠光效应;
early effect 早期效应,阿莱效应;
chelating effect 螯合效应;
photonegative effect 负光电效应;
Pathoplastic effect 病理塑形作用;