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英音 [ˈweðə(r)] 美音 [ˈwɛðɚ]


n. 天气, 气象;暴风雨;

vt.& vi. 晒干, 风化;

vt. 平安渡过, 挨过;[地]使风化;


  1. the atmospheric conditions that comprise the state of the atmosphere in terms of temperature and wind and clouds and precipitation;

    "they were hoping for good weather"
    "every day we have weather conditions and yesterday was no exception"
    "the conditions were too rainy for playing in the snow"

  1. towards the side exposed to wind

  1. face and withstand with courage;

    "She braved the elements"

  2. cause to slope

  3. sail to the windward of

  4. change under the action or influence of the weather;

    "A weathered old hut"

Fairweather [人名] [英格兰人、苏格兰人姓氏] 费尔韦瑟绰号,快乐的人,来源于中世纪英语,含义是“可爱的+天气”(lovely+weather);
aweather adv. 迎风,向风;
weatherboard n. 挡风舷,护墙板; v. 装以护墙板;
weatherboarding n. 护墙板,装以护墙板; v. 装以护墙板( weatherboard的现在分词 );
weathercast n. (无线电或电视播放的)气象报告;
weathercock n. 风标,随风倒的人;
weathered 风化的;
weatherglass n. 晴雨表,温度计;睛雨表;
weathering n. 侵蚀,风化;雨蚀;
weatherize vt. (尤指通过增加绝缘材料和嵌缝)增强(房屋等)的越冬御寒性能;
weatherly adj. (帆船)能驶向上风的,能抢风航行的;
weatherproof adj. 防风雨的,不受天气影响的,抗风化的; vt. 使防风雨;
weathervane adj. 政治风方向标的(指表明当前投票倾向的一种可靠依据,由此可预测选举结果);
weatherworn adj. 风雨侵蚀的;



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