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英音 [bɪˈfɔ:(r)] 美音 [bɪˈfɔr,-ˈfor]


prep. 在…之前;先于,优于;当着…的面;与其…;

conj. 在…之前;在…以前;比…早些;与其…;

adv. 先前,从前;在前,在前方;


  1. earlier in time; previously;

    "I had known her before"
    "as I said before"
    "he called me the day before but your call had come even earlier"
    "her parents had died four years earlier"
    "I mentioned that problem earlier"

  2. at or in the front;

    "I see the lights of a town ahead"
    "the road ahead is foggy"
    "staring straight ahead"
    "we couldn't see over the heads of the people in front"
    "with the cross of Jesus marching on before"

beforehand adv. 事先,预先;提前; adj. 提前的;预先准备好的;
beforetime adv. 以前,从前;
hereinbefore adv. 以上,在上文中;

before dark adv. 黄昏以前;
quail before v. 畏缩;
before sheet adv. 选定工作表之前;
come before v. 在…之前来,在…之上;
before day adv. 天亮之前;
leg before 腿碰球(的);
ever before 以前;
go before 时间上居先;
never before 以前从未曾有过;
from before 从…以前;
before-mentioned adj. 前述的,上述的;
before meals 饭前服;
space before 前间隔;
Before Christ 公元前;
before retiring [医]就寝前,睡前;
set before 把…置于…之前;提出…供…参考;
hardly before 一…就…;
bring before 把(某人)带上(法庭)受审;提出[呈上]…供…考虑[批准];
long before 很久以前;
before space 印刷前[打印前]空走纸;


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