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英音 [ðen] 美音 [ðɛn]


adv. 那时;然后;那么;话说回来;

adj. 当时的;那时的;


  1. that time; that moment;

    "we will arrive before then"
    "we were friends from then on"

  1. at a specific prior time;

    "the then president"

  1. subsequently or soon afterward (often used as sentence connectors);

    "then he left"
    "go left first, then right"
    "first came lightning, then thunder"
    "we watched the late movie and then went to bed"
    "and so home and to bed"

  2. in that case or as a consequence;

    "if he didn't take it, then who did?"
    "keep it then if you want to"
    "the case, then, is closed"
    "you've made up your mind then?"
    "then you'll be rich"

  3. at that time;

    "I was young then"
    "prices were lower back then"
    "science as it was then taught"

Carmarthen [人名] 卡马森;[地名] [英国] 卡马森;
burthen n. 负荷,重荷,负担; v. 使负重担,累;
earthen adj. (地面或墙)泥土做的,土制的;(物体)陶制的;瓦;
heathen n. 不信上帝的人;异教徒;野蛮人;未开化的人(常贬); adj. 异教徒的,无宗教信仰的;
lengthen vt.& vi. 延长;伸长;
smoothen v. 使平滑,使平和;
strengthen vt. 加强,巩固;勉励,激励;增加…的艺术效果;(价格)上涨; vi. 变强;变坚挺;
thenar adj. 手掌的,足底的; n. 手掌,足底;
thence adv. 从那里;从那时起;之后;因此;
thenceforth adv. 从那时,其后;
thenceforward adv. 从那时,其后;

if-then adj. 假定的,假设的;
just then 就在这时候,那时候;方才;
so then 原来如此,那么,所以;从而;
well then 那么;
by then 到那时候;
since then 其后,从此一直;
till then 一直到那时,到那时为止;
before then 那时以前;
and then adv. 于是,然后;进而;
but then 但另一方面是;
what then 下步怎么办,那便会怎么样呢?;
then symbol [计] 则符号;
then clause 则子句;
now then 用于表示不赞成[劝慰]的话语之前;用以引出要说的话,以提出建议[征询回应];考虑下一步要做的事或要说话时,用来填补暂时的停顿;
now...then... 时而…,一会儿…;
even then 尽管那样;