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英音 [fɔ:k] 美音 [fɔrk]


n. 餐叉;岔口;耙;

vi. 分叉;

vt. 叉起;


  1. cutlery used for serving and eating food

  2. the act of branching out or dividing into branches

  3. the region of the angle formed by the junction of two branches;

    "they took the south fork"
    "he climbed into the crotch of a tree"

  4. an agricultural tool used for lifting or digging; has a handle and metal prongs

  5. the angle formed by the inner sides of the legs where they join the human trunk

  1. lift with a pitchfork;

    "pitchfork hay"

  2. place under attack with one's own pieces, of two enemy pieces

  3. divide into two or more branches so as to form a fork;

    "The road forks"

  4. shape like a fork;

    "She forked her fingers"

forkball 指叉球;
forked adj. 叉状的,有叉的;
forklift n. <美>铲车,叉式升降机;叉车;
forky adj. 分叉的,分歧的;
hayfork n. 干草叉,自动堆积干草的机器;杈;
pitchfork n. 杈子,干草叉;

cubital fork 肘脉叉;
guide fork 导叉;
fork pin 叉形销;
striker fork 操作叉;
fork file 平圆角锉;
adjusting fork 调整叉;
fork chuck 叉形卡盘;
nipping fork 鸡心夹头;
belt fork 移带叉;
fork dripping 用叉浸挂糖衣;
root fork 掘根叉;掘轨叉;
fork hoe 叉锄;
oyster fork 牡蛎叉;
fork connection 叉式连接(法),插头连接;
plumbing fork 移点器;
potato fork 马铃薯叉;
fork grafting 叉状嫁接;
lever fork 叉形杠杆(头),擒纵叉;
dinner fork 餐叉;