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英音 [freɪm] 美音 [frem]


n. 框架;眼镜框;组织;边框;

vt. 陷害;设计;表达;使适合(某一特殊用途);

adj. 有木架的,有构架的;


  1. the framework for a pair of eyeglasses

  2. a single one of a series of still transparent pictures forming a cinema, television or video film

  3. alternative names for the body of a human being;

    "Leonardo studied the human body"
    "he has a strong physique"
    "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak"

  4. (baseball) one of nine divisions of play during which each team has a turn at bat

  5. a single drawing in a comic_strip

  6. an application that divides the user's display into two or more windows that can be scrolled independently

  7. a system of assumptions and standards that sanction behavior and give it meaning

  8. the hard structure (bones and cartilages) that provides a frame for the body of an animal

  9. the internal supporting structure that gives an artifact its shape;

    "the building has a steel skeleton"

  10. a framework that supports and protects a picture or a mirror;

    "the frame enhances but is not itself the subject of attention"
    "the frame was much more valuable than the miror it held"

  11. one of the ten divisions into which bowling is divided

  1. enclose in or as if in a frame;

    "frame a picture"

  2. enclose in a frame, as of a picture

  3. take or catch as if in a snare or trap;

    "I was set up!"
    "The innocent man was framed by the police"

  4. formulate in a particular style or language;

    "I wouldn't put it that way"
    "She cast her request in very polite language"

  5. make up plans or basic details for;

    "frame a policy"

  6. construct by fitting or uniting parts together

framer n. 制定者,创作者;
framework n. 构架;框架;(体系的)结构;机构,组织;
mainframe n. (大型电脑的)主机,中央处理机;[计] 主机;大型机;总配线架;

reinforced frame 增固架;
cramp frame 弓形夹;夹持器;
meter frame 电度表基架;
frame height 帧面高度,帧幅;
lever frame 握柄台;
braced frame 刚性构架;
consecutive frame 相邻帧;
guide frame 导承框,居承架,摇动式运输机导架;
connector frame 接插件框架;
truck frame 转向架构架,车架;
swing frame 带摇动台的车架,旋架;
frame-by-frame exposure 逐格曝光,逐帧照射;
frame-to-frame DPCM 帧间差分脉冲编码调制;
frame-to-frame jitter 帧跳动,镜头间颤动;
frame-to-frame jump 帧间跳动,帧跳动;
frame-to-frame correlation 帧间相关性;
frame-to-frame playback 逐帧直接再现;
frame-to-frame response 帧间响应;
frame-to-frame differences 帧间差;
frame-to-frame variation 帧间变化;
multi-frame [医]多帧;