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英音 [fi:d] 美音 [fid]


vt. 喂养;满足(欲望等);向…提供;供…作食物;

vi. 吃,以…为食;流入,注入,进入(如油流入机器);[电子学]馈入;

n. 饲料(尤指粗饲料),施肥;喂送;草料;(尤指向地方性电视台)馈送电视节目;


  1. food for domestic livestock

  1. provide as food;

    "Feed the guests the nuts"

  2. give food to;

    "Feed the starving children in India"
    "don't give the child this tough meat"

  3. feed into; supply;

    "Her success feeds her vanity"

  4. introduce continuously;

    "feed carrots into a food processor"

  5. support or promote;

    "His admiration fed her vanity"

  6. take in food; used of animals only;

    "This dog doesn't eat certain kinds of meat"
    "What do whales eat?"

  7. serve as food for; be the food for;

    "This dish feeds six"

  8. move along, of liquids;

    "Water flowed into the cave"
    "the Missouri feeds into the Mississippi"

  9. profit from in an exploitatory manner;

    "He feeds on her insecurity"

  10. gratify;

    "feed one's eyes on a gorgeous view"

  11. provide with fertilizers or add nutrients to;

    "We should fertilize soil if we want to grow healthy plants"

feedback n. 反馈;反应;反馈噪音;
feedbag n. 饲料袋,一餐;
feeder n. 支流,支线;进料器;供给装置;饲养员;
feedlot n. 饲育场;
feedstock n. 给料(指供送入机器或加工厂的原料);进料;
feedstuff n. 饲料,饲料中的营养成分;
feedthrough [电] 馈穿;
overfeed v. 给吃得过多,吃得太多;
underfeed adj. 由下部加添燃料的; n. 未给予足量食物,添加燃料; vt. 未喂饱;不充分供料; vi. 减食;喂食太少;

unit feed 单位进刀量;
feed magnet 馈带磁铁;
manual feed n. 手动送纸;
feed trough 喂食器;
jerky feed 不均匀进给;
zigzag feed 交错送料,曲折送料;
carriage feed 跑车进料;
feed composition 进料组成;
parallel feed 平行进给,并流送料法,并联馈电;
internal feed 内槽轮排种器;
auger feed 螺旋喂送;
total feed 总进给;
force feed 压油润滑;
friction feed 摩擦进给,摩擦送纸,摩擦推进法;
feed preheater 进料预热器;
feed glass (注油器上的)控制玻璃,加油(标示油量)玻璃管;
feed zone 进料区;
cold feed 冷水供应;
drill feed 钻头进给装置;