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英音 [əˈbaʊt] 美音 [əˈbaʊt]


prep. 关于;大约;在…周围;

adv. 大约;在附近;在四周;几乎;

adj. 在附近的;四处走动的;在起作用的;在流行中的;


  1. on the move;

    "up and about"
    "the whole town was astir over the incident"

  1. (of quantities) imprecise but fairly close to correct;

    "lasted approximately an hour"
    "in just about a minute"
    "he's about 30 years old"
    "I've had about all I can stand"
    "we meet about once a month"
    "some forty people came"
    "weighs around a hundred pounds"
    "roughly $3,000"
    "holds 3 gallons, more or less"
    "20 or so people were at the party"

  2. all around or on all sides;

    "dirty clothes lying around (or about)"
    "let's look about for help"
    "There were trees growing all around"
    "she looked around her"

  3. in the area or vicinity;

    "a few spectators standing about"
    "hanging around"
    "waited around for the next flight"

  4. used of movement to or among many different places or in no particular direction;

    "wandering about with no place to go"
    "people were rushing about"
    "news gets around (or about)"
    "traveled around in Asia"
    "he needs advice from someone who's been around"
    "she sleeps around"

  5. in or to a reversed position or direction;

    "about face"
    "suddenly she turned around"

  6. in rotation or succession;

    "turn about is fair play"

  7. (of actions or states) slightly short of or not quite accomplished; all but;

    "the job is (just) about done"
    "the baby was almost asleep when the alarm sounded"
    "we're almost finished"
    "the car all but ran her down"
    "he nearly fainted"
    "talked for nigh onto 2 hours"
    "the recording is well-nigh perfect"
    "virtually all the parties signed the contract"
    "I was near exhausted by the run"
    "most everyone agrees"

gadabout n. 游荡者; adj. 游荡的;
hereabout adv. 在这附近,在这一带;
knockabout adj. 粗用的,喧闹的,到处闲荡的; n. 闹剧,小游艇,流浪汉;
layabout n. 无业游民,游手好闲之徒;
marabout n. 北非伊斯兰教隐士(或修士);
roundabout n. 绕道;环形交通枢纽;旋转木马; adj. 绕圈子的;不直截了当的;间接的,迂回的;
roustabout n. 码头工人,甲板水手;
runabout n. 轻便汽车,小型单座敞篷车,流浪者; adj. 流浪的;
turnabout n. 旋转;回旋;转变;反击;
walkabout n. (名人或要人走进人群的)露面闲谈;在内地的长途徒步旅行;

fuck about 胡闹,摆弄;
seeing about 留意,考察;
testify about 就…作证;
barge about v. 乱碰乱撞;横冲直撞;
flutter about 拍翅膀;焦虑地乱动;
pull about 把…拖来拖去,粗暴[笨拙]地对待(某人或某物);东拉西扯;
bugger about 逛来逛去,无所事事;
hear about 得悉,听说;因…受到报偿或惩罚;耳闻;
lark about 鬼混,闲荡;
buzz about 闹哄哄地跑来跑去;
fling about 乱扔;乱花钱;发号施令;胡乱挥动;
got about 复原,传播;
run about 跑来跑去;
get about (消息等)传播;随意走走;(病人)可以走动;(使)在…走动;
boast about 夸耀,吹嘘;
prate about v. 空谈;侈谈;
mess about 胡闹,弄乱;粗鲁地对待;
bring about 使(船)掉转船头;造成,引起[导致](某事);创造;实现;
about-face v. 向后转;大改变;倒转;彻底改变; n. 突然改变(看法,立场等);向后转(的动作);
clear about 明白;
bother about 担心;麻烦;计较;过问;


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