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英音 [ˈredi] 美音 [ˈrɛdi]


adj. 准备好的,现成的;即时的,敏捷的;情愿的;即将的;

vt. 做好…的准备;

adv. 预先;已完成地;

n. 现款;


  1. poised for action;

    "their guns were at the ready"

  1. completely prepared or in condition for immediate action or use or progress;

    "get ready"
    "she is ready to resign"
    "the bridge is ready to collapse"
    "I am ready to work"
    "ready for action"
    "ready for use"
    "the soup will be ready in a minute"
    "ready to learn to read"

  2. (of especially money) immediately available;

    "he seems to have ample ready money"
    "a ready source of cash"

  3. mentally disposed;

    "he was ready to believe her"

  4. made suitable and available for immediate use;

    "dinner is ready"

  5. apprehending and responding with speed and sensitivity;

    "a quick mind"
    "a ready wit"

  1. prepare for eating by applying heat;

    "Cook me dinner, please"
    "can you make me an omelette?"
    "fix breakfast for the guests, please"

  2. make ready or suitable or equip in advance for a particular purpose or for some use, event, etc;

    "Get the children ready for school!"
    "prepare for war"
    "I was fixing to leave town after I paid the hotel bill"

Macready 麦克里迪(姓氏);
already adv. 早已,已经;先前;
thready adj. 线的;线状的;像线的;纤维性的;
unready adj. 没有准备的;

ready-witted adj. 机敏的,机智的;
ready box 炮位弹药箱;
ready commodity 成品;
ready payment 付现款;
ready shop 成衣店;
ready money n. 现款;现金;现钱;
ready bit 就绪位;
battle-ready adj. 作好战斗准备的;
ready sale 畅销;
got ready 准备;
ready reckoner n. 简便计算表;
device ready/not ready [计] 设备就绪或未就绪状态;
ready queue 就绪队列;
ready position 射击预备姿态;
ready record [计] 就绪记录;
ready-made adj. 现成的;做好的;事前已想好了的; n. 已做好的东西;
ready indicator 准备就绪指示灯,就绪显示器,就绪指示符;
ready message 准备信息;
make-ready n. <美>(印刷前的)排版调整;
ready condition 可算条件,准备[就绪]状态;
ready made [经] 现成的,预先制好的;