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英音 [ˈɜ:li] 美音 [ˈɜrli]


adj. 早的;早期的;早日的;(果实等)早熟的;

adv. 早;在初期;先前;提早;


  1. at or near the beginning of a period of time or course of events or before the usual or expected time;

    "early morning"
    "an early warning"
    "early diagnosis"
    "an early death"
    "took early retirement"
    "an early spring"
    "early varieties of peas and tomatoes mature before most standard varieties"

  2. being or occurring at an early stage of development;

    "in an early stage"
    "early forms of life"
    "early man"
    "an early computer"

  3. belonging to the distant past;

    "the early inhabitants of Europe"
    "former generations"
    "in other times"

  4. very young;

    "at an early age"

  5. of an early stage in the development of a language or literature;

    "the Early Hebrew alphabetical script is that used mainly from the 11th to the 6th centuries B.C."
    "Early Modern English is represented in documents printed from 1476 to 1700"

  6. expected in the near future;

    "look for an early end to the negotiations"

  1. during an early stage;

    "early on in her career"

  2. before the usual time or the time expected;

    "she graduated early"
    "the house was completed ahead of time"

  3. in good time;

    "he awoke betimes that morning"

biyearly adj. 每年两次的,二年一次的; adv. 两年一次地;
nearly adv. 几乎,差不多;险乎;
pearly adj. 珍珠似的,用珍珠装饰的;
semiyearly n. 半年刊; adj. 半年一次的,每年两次的; adv. 每年两次地;
yearly adj. 每年的,一年一度的;一年间的; adv. 每年,一年一度;在那一年间; n. 年利;年鉴;

Early adj. 早的;早期的;早日的;(果实等)早熟的; adv. 早;在初期;先前;提早;
early map 早期地图;
early germ 早芽,早期生殖细胞;
early burning 干前烧除,危险期前用火;
early pulse 前跟踪门脉冲;
early retirement [医]提前退休;
Early Precambrian 早期前寒武纪;
early injection 提前喷射;
early timing 提前点火;
early diagnosis 早期诊断;
early breathing 早吸气法;
early early variety 极早熟品种;
early effect 早期效应,阿莱效应;
early cancer 早期癌;
early bark 早皮;
early blight 早枯萎病,早疫病;
early facilitation [医]早期易化;
Early morel [医]早羊肚菌;
early pregnant [医]早孕的,受孕早期的;
early carcinoma 早期癌;
early learning 早期学习;