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英音 [peɪn] 美音 [pen]


n. 痛苦;刻苦;令人厌烦的人[事物];身体某部分的疼痛[不适];

vt.& vi. (使)疼痛,(使)痛苦,伤害;

vt. 使…痛苦;使…烦恼;

vi. 感到疼痛;引起疼痛;


  1. a symptom of some physical hurt or disorder;

    "the patient developed severe pain and distension"

  2. emotional distress; a fundamental feeling that people try to avoid;

    "the pain of loneliness"

  3. a somatic sensation of acute discomfort;

    "as the intensity increased the sensation changed from tickle to pain"

  4. a bothersome annoying person;

    "that kid is a terrible pain"

  5. something or someone that causes trouble; a source of unhappiness;

    "washing dishes was a nuisance before we got a dish washer"
    "a bit of a bother"
    "he's not a friend, he's an infliction"

  1. cause bodily suffering to and make sick or indisposed

  2. cause emotional anguish or make miserable;

    "It pains me to see my children not being taught well in school"

Spain n. 西班牙(欧洲国家);
chymopapain n. 木瓜凝乳蛋白酶;
painful adj. 痛苦的;(肉体)疼的;费力的,(工作)困难的;讨厌的,使人厌烦的;
painkiller n. 止痛药;
painless adj. 无痛的,不引起痛苦的;无并发症的;
painstaking adj. (不辞)劳苦的,辛苦的;煞费苦心的;苦干的,辛勤的;小心的; n. 苦干,刻苦;勤勉;辛苦;煞费苦心;
paint n. 颜料,涂料;绘画作品;胭脂等化妆品;色彩,装饰; vt. 涂色于;绘画;(用语言,文字等)描写;擦脂粉等; vi. 描绘;绘画;化妆;
paintbrush n. 漆刷,画刷,画笔;
painted adj. 描画的,着色的; v. 画,绘画( paint的过去式和过去分词 );描绘;在…上涂涂料[油漆];往(指甲、嘴唇等上)施化妆品;
painter n. 画家,着色者;油漆匠;(系船的)缆绳;破诡计;
painterly adj. 美术的;
painting n. 绘画;油画;上色,着色;颜料,油漆; v. 绘画( paint的现在分词);涂色于;
papain n. 木瓜蛋白酶;



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