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英音 [waɪd] 美音 [waɪd]


adj. 宽的;普遍的;广阔的;张大的,开得很大的;

adv. 广泛地;充分地;广阔地;

n. 广大的世界;[板]歪球;


  1. having great (or a certain) extent from one side to the other;

    "wide roads"
    "a wide necktie"
    "wide margins"
    "three feet wide"
    "a river two miles broad"
    "broad shoulders"
    "a broad river"

  2. broad in scope or content;

    "across-the-board pay increases"
    "an all-embracing definition"
    "blanket sanctions against human-rights violators"
    "an invention with broad applications"
    "a panoptic study of Soviet nationality"
    "granted him wide powers"

  3. (used of eyes) fully open or extended;

    "stared with wide eyes"

  4. very large in expanse or scope;

    "a broad lawn"
    "the wide plains"
    "a spacious view"
    "spacious skies"

  5. great in degree;

    "won by a wide margin"

  6. having ample fabric;

    "the current taste for wide trousers"
    "a full skirt"

  7. not on target;

    "the kick was wide"
    "the arrow was wide of the mark"
    "a claim that was wide of the truth"

  1. with or by a broad space;

    "stand with legs wide apart"
    "ran wide around left end"

  2. to the fullest extent possible;

    "open your eyes wide"
    "with the throttle wide open"

  3. far from the intended target;

    "the arrow went wide of the mark"
    "a bullet went astray and killed a bystander"

  4. to or over a great extent or range; far;

    "wandered wide through many lands"
    "he traveled widely"

-wide comb. 表示“有关…全体的”;表示“遍及…的”;
citywide adj. 全市的,全市性的;
countrywide adj. 全国的;全国性;
countywide 遍及全郡(或县)的;全郡(或县)的;
nationwide adj. 全国范围的;全国性的; adv. 在全国范围内;就全国而论;
statewide adj.& adv. 遍及全州的;
storewide adj. 包括店内全部商品的;
widen vt.& vi. 放宽,加宽,(使)变宽;
widespread adj. 分布广的;普遍的;广泛应用;普及的;
worldwide adj. 全世界的; adv. 遍及全球地;

wide seam 宽裂缝;
wide set 传拉开球;
wide multiplet 宽间距多重谱线;
wide open 大开的,容易受到攻击的,大开方便之门的;
wide planting 疏植;
Wide Band 规定较大幅度的浮动汇率制度;
wide strip 宽带材;
wide apart 离得很远;
wide-awake adj. 完全清醒的;精明的;机警的;警戒的; n. 呢帽;
wide casing 粗肠衣;
world-wide adv. 遍及全世界地; adj. 全世界的;传遍世界的;
wide opening,wide market [经] 买价和卖价出现不正常的大差距的市场;
wide opening 宽面巷道;
wide-flange [医]宽缘的;
wide flanged 宽翼缘的;
wide-ranging adj. 范围或内容广泛的;
wide berth 保持安全距离;
wide-range 宽量程;
wide-angle adj. 宽角度的,用宽角度的;大角度;
wide splitting [医]宽分裂;
wide range 宽波段,大量程;


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