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英音 [ˈpi:pl] 美音 [ˈpipəl]


n. 人,人类;居民;人民;种族;

vt. 居住于,布满;使住满人,在…殖民;把动物放养在;


  1. (plural) any group of human beings (men or women or children) collectively;

    "old people"
    "there were at least 200 people in the audience"

  2. the body of citizens of a state or country;

    "the Spanish people"

  3. members of a family line;

    "his people have been farmers for generations"
    "are your people still alive?"

  4. the common people generally;

    "separate the warriors from the mass"
    "power to the people"

  1. fill with people;

    "Stalin wanted to people the empty steppes"

  2. furnish with people;

    "The plains are sparsely populated"

congresspeople n. (不分性别的美国)国会议员(尤指众议员)( Congressperson的名词复数 );
craftspeople n. 工匠;手艺人;工艺师;
dispeople v. 消灭…的居民,减少人口;
gentlepeople n. 名门世家,上流人士;
laypeople n. 外行,非专业人员,未担任神职的一般信徒;
newspeople n. 记者;
peoplehood n. 民族性,民族意识;
salespeople n. 售货员,店员;售货员( salesperson的名词复数 );
townspeople n. 市民,镇民,城里人;市井之流;
tradespeople n. 商人们,开商店者及其家属;
tribespeople n. 部落(或宗族等)成员;
unpeople v. 使减少人口,弄成无人之地;
workpeople n. 工人们,劳工们;

flower people n. (鼓吹爱情和平的)嬉皮士;
beautiful people 上层社会中倡导优美、雅致风尚的有钱时髦人物,名流;
hill people n. 山上的居民;
Jesus people n. 耶稣子民;
the people 民;大众;人民;
boat people n. 船民,乘船外逃的难民;
my people 我家人;
yacht people 香港船民;
little people n. (前面与the连用)小精灵;
common people n. 平民,大众;老百姓;闾阎;白民;
the Chosen People n. 上帝的子民,犹太人;
people-to-people adj. 人民之间的;民间;
active people [医]神动;
hill people n. 山上的居民;
flower people n. (鼓吹爱情和平的)嬉皮士;
special people [医]异人;
lay people [法] 陪审员;
people's livelihood 民生;
work people [经] 工人们,劳工们;
common people n. 平民,大众;老百姓;闾阎;白民;
handicapped people [医]残废者;
wrecked people [法] 歹徒;