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英音 [ˈleɪtə(r)] 美音 [ˈletɚ]


adv. 较晚地;以后,过后;后来;随后;

adj. 后来的;以后的;接近末期的;晚年的;


  1. coming at a subsequent time or stage;

    "without ulterior argument"
    "the mood posterior to"

  2. at or toward an end or late period or stage of development;

    "the late phase of feudalism"
    "a later symptom of the disease"
    "later medical science could have saved the child"

  1. happening at a time subsequent to a reference time;

    "he apologized subsequently"
    "he's going to the store but he'll be back here later"
    "it didn't happen until afterward"
    "two hours after that"

  2. at some eventual time in the future;

    "By and by he'll understand"
    "I'll see you later"

  3. comparative of the adverb `late';

    "he stayed later than you did"

latebra n. 卵黄心;
latebrose adj. 隐藏的;
latence [化] 潜伏状态;
latensification n. 潜影加强;
laterad adv. 向侧面地;
lateralia n. 侧板;
laterality n. 对一侧面的偏重,偏向一侧状态;偏利;
lateralize v. 使向侧面;
lateran n. (罗马)拉特兰教堂,拉特兰宫(现为博物馆);
latericeous n. 深砖红色的;
laterifolious n. 叶侧的;
laterigrade n. 侧行类;
lateriomycin n. 砖红霉素;
lateritiin n. 砖红镰孢菌素;
lateritious adj. 如砖的,有砖之红色的;
laterize vt. 使变成红土带,使砖红壤化,使含红土;
latexometer n. 胶乳比重计;

later on <口>以后;嗣后;他日;
later-day adj. 最近的,晚近的;
at a later stage 后来;
a moment later 片刻之后;少刻;少时;
See you later. st. 再见。;
sooner or later 迟早;早晚有一天;
no later than adv. 不迟于;至迟;
Truth will come to light sooner or later. 纸包不住火;
decoct later [医]后下;
decocted later 后下;
later treatment [医]延缓治疗;
pay later [经] 延期付款;
later strength 后期强度;
later rest 休眠后期;
later phase of repolarizition [医]复极化晚期;
See you later 再见;