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英音 [weɪt] 美音 [wet]


n. 重量,体重;重担,重任;重要;[统]权,加重值,权重;

vt. 加重于,使变重;使负重,使负担或压迫;[统]使加权,附加加重值于;


  1. the vertical force exerted by a mass as a result of gravity

  2. sports equipment used in calisthenic exercises and weightlifting; it is not attached to anything and is raised and lowered by use of the hands and arms

  3. the relative importance granted to something;

    "his opinion carries great weight"
    "the progression implied an increasing weightiness of the items listed"

  4. an artifact that is heavy

  5. an oppressive feeling of heavy force;

    "bowed down by the weight of responsibility"

  6. a system of units used to express the weight of something

  7. a unit used to measure weight;

    "he placed two weights in the scale pan"

  8. (statistics) a coefficient assigned to elements of a frequency distribution in order to represent their relative importance

  1. weight down with a load

  2. present with a bias;

    "He biased his presentation so as to please the share holders"

bantamweight n. (某些运动中的)最轻量级体重;最轻量级拳击手(摔跤手等);
counterweight n. 平衡物,称锤,平衡力;
cruiserweight n. 轻重量级拳击手,重量级拳击手;
featherweight n. 次轻量级拳击手;很轻者;无足轻重的人; adj. 体轻的;不重要的;
flyweight n. 次最轻量级的拳击选手;
heavyweight n. [体]重量级拳击[摔跤]运动员;体重超过平均水平的人;要人,重要的人物; adj. 重量级的;特别厚重的;
hundredweight n. 重量单位,英担,半公担;
lightweight adj. 轻量的;不重要的; n. 轻量级选手;不重要的人;
makeweight n. 充数的人[物];
middleweight n. 平均体重,中量级选手; adj. 体重中等的;
overweight adj. 超重的;过重的;超过规定重量的; n. 超重;偏重;优势; vt. 使…装载过重;使…负担过重;在重量上超过;
paperweight n. 镇纸;
pennyweight n. 本尼威特(英美金衡单位,简写dwt或pwt,1dwt.=24grains=0。05ounce);
underweight adj. 低于一般重量的,重量不足的; n. 重量不足;
weighted adj. 有利的;
weightless adj. 没有重量的,失重的,无重力的;
weightlifting n. 举重;
weighty adj. 重大的,重要的,严重的;
welterweight n. 次中量级拳击手,次中量级摔跤运动员;

weight hanger 重锤吊架;
avoirdupois weight n. 英制斤;
rolling weight 滑锤;
short weight n. 重量不足,分量不够,缺斤短两;
chip weight 屑重;
lumping weight n. 足重;
weight training n. 举重训练,举重锻炼;
equivalent weight 当量;
carry weight 有影响力;举足轻重;
declared weight 填报的重量;
reacting weight 反应量;
weight in weight [医]重量重量比;
percent weight in weight [医]重量比重量百分数;
weight by weight [医] 重/重;
weight-average molecular weight 重均分子量;
weight average molecular weight 重量平均分子量;
dressed weight 整理后重量,胴体重;
charge weight 装入量;
tension weight 张紧配重,张力重,平衡重;
molal weight 摩尔量,克分子量;
gross weight n. 总重;连皮;毛重;


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