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英音 [sɒŋ] 美音 [sɔŋ]


n. 歌曲;歌唱(艺术);诗歌,韵文;鸟叫声,鸟语;


  1. a short musical composition with words;

    "a successful musical must have at least three good songs"

  2. a distinctive or characteristic sound;

    "the song of bullets was in the air"
    "the song of the wind"
    "the wheels sang their song as the train rocketed ahead"

  3. the act of singing;

    "with a shout and a song they marched up to the gates"

  4. the characteristic sound produced by a bird;

    "a bird will not learn its song unless it hears it at an early age"

  5. a very small sum;

    "he bought it for a song"

  6. the imperial dynasty of China from 960 to 1279; noted for art and literature and philosophy

Kaesong n. 开城(北朝鲜直辖市);
cradlesong n. 摇篮曲,催眠曲;
evensong n. (英国圣公会的)晚祷,晚课;
plainsong n. 单声圣歌(一种不分小节无伴奏的宗教歌);
singsong n. 单调的节奏;单调的歌曲(或诗句);<英口>即席演唱会; adj. 如诵经的,单调的; vt. 声调很平地说(或唱等); vi. 声调很平地说话(或唱歌等);
songbird n. 鸣禽;鸣鸟;女歌手;<俚>告密者;
songfest n. 民谣歌唱大会;
songful adj. 旋律美妙的,音调优美的;
songsmith n. 作曲家;
songster n. 歌唱家;
songstress n. 女歌手,女诗人;
songwriter n. 流行歌曲的作者;

SONG n. 歌曲;歌唱(艺术);诗歌,韵文;鸟叫声,鸟语;
territorial song 区域性鸟鸣;
torch song n. 感伤恋歌;
theme song n. 主题歌,信号曲,老套;
song cycle n. 联篇歌曲;套曲;
folk-song n. 民歌,民谣;
cradle-song n. 摇篮曲,催眠曲;
patriotic song n. 爱国歌曲;
love song n. 情歌;恋歌;情诗;
swan song n. 最后作品;(歌唱家、演员等的)告别演出;天鹅哀鸣(西方古老传说中认为天鹅临死前会发出忧伤动听的歌声);
marching song n. 行车曲;
song-plugging n. 通过无线电反复广播等方式使歌曲流行;
song sparrow n. 北美歌雀;
part-song n. 合唱曲;
song thrush n. 歌鸠;
popular song n. 流行歌曲;
antiphonal song 双歌;
work song n. 劳动号子;
folk song n. 民歌;


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