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英音 [ˈæbsənt] 美音 [ˈæbsənt]


adj. 缺席的,不在场的;缺少的,缺乏的;不在意的,茫然的;


  1. not being in a specified place

  2. nonexistent;

    "the thumb is absent"
    "her appetite was lacking"

  3. lost in thought; showing preoccupation;

    "an absent stare"
    "an absentminded professor"
    "the scatty glancing quality of a hyperactive but unfocused intelligence"

  1. go away or leave;

    "He absented himself"

absentee n. 缺席者,缺勤者;在外地主;在外地主;[信]空号; adj. 缺席者的,在外地主的,在外业主的;
absenteeism n. 旷工;旷课;在外地主经济制;(地主、业主的)长期在外;

absent treatment n. 冷落,卖座少;
absent landlord n. 在外地主,外居地主;
absent-mindedly adv. 健忘地,心不在焉地;
absent-minded adj. 健忘的,心不在焉的; n. 健忘性;健忘,心不在焉; adv. 健忘地,心不在焉地;
absent-mindedness n. 健忘;心不在焉;心神不定;
absent oneself 缺席;抽身;
absent from 缺席;
absent without leave 擅离职守;
in an absent way 心不在焉地;
be absent from v. 缺席;
absent oneself from v. 缺席,不到;
absent variable 不出现的变量;
Absent resonance [医]无叩响,无共鸣;
absent behavior 回避行为;
Absent pulse [医]无脉;
absent response 回避反应;
Absent reflex [医]无反射;
Absent sweating [医]无汗;
absent extremities [医]肢体缺损;