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英音 [məʊst] 美音 [moʊst]


adv. 最,最多(大);much的最高级;非常,很;几乎;

adj. many的最高级;最多的,最大的;大概的;大多数的,大部分的;

n. 最大限度;大部分;大多数人;


  1. (superlative of `many' used with count nouns and often preceded by `the') quantifier meaning the greatest in number;

    "who has the most apples?"
    "most people like eggs"
    "most fishes have fins"

  2. the superlative of `much' that can be used with mass nouns and is usually preceded by `the'; a quantifier meaning the greatest in amount or extent or degree;

    "made the most money he could"
    "what attracts the most attention?"
    "made the most of a bad deal"

  1. used to form the superlative;

    "the king cobra is the most dangerous snake"

  2. very;

    "a most welcome relief"

  3. (of actions or states) slightly short of or not quite accomplished; all but;

    "the job is (just) about done"
    "the baby was almost asleep when the alarm sounded"
    "we're almost finished"
    "the car all but ran her down"
    "he nearly fainted"
    "talked for nigh onto 2 hours"
    "the recording is well-nigh perfect"
    "virtually all the parties signed the contract"
    "I was near exhausted by the run"
    "most everyone agrees"

-most 最远的;最深远的;
aftermost adj. 最后的,最后部的,靠船尾的;
aftmost adj. 最向船尾的,最靠近船尾的;
almost adv. 几乎,差不多;将近;快要;近乎;
bottommost adj. 最低的,最下的;
easternmost adj. 最东部的,极东的;
endmost adj. 末端的;
farthermost adj. 最远的;
foremost adj. 第一流的,最重要的;最初的,最前面的; adv. 首先,第一;居于首位地;
furthermost adj. 最远方的,最远的;
headmost adj. 最先的;
hindermost adj. 最后面的,最靠近后方的;
hindmost adj. 最后面的,最后部的;
hithermost adj. 最靠近的;
inmost adj. 最内的;最深的;纯粹私人的;最秘密的;
innermost adj. 最深处的;隐私的,最隐秘的;
leftmost adj. 最左边的;
lowermost adj. 最低的,最底下的;
middlemost adj. 正中的;
midmost adj. 正中的;
mostaccioli n. 意大利斜切短通心粉;
mostly adv. 大部分,多半;主要地;基本上;通常;
nethermost adj. 最下面的;
northernmost adj. 最北的,极北的;
outermost adj. 最外面的,离中心最远的;
outmost adj. 最外面的,最远的;
rearmost adj. 最后的;
rightmost adj. 最右边的,最右面的;
southernmost adj. 最南的,极南的;
sternforemost adv. 船尾向前地,倒退地;
sternmost adj. 最靠近船尾的,最后面的;
topmost adj. 最高的,最上面的;十;
undermost adj. 最下的,最低的; adv. 最低地,最下地;
upmost adj. 最高的,最上的;
uppermost adj. 最高的;至上的;最重要的; adv. 最高地,最重要地;
utmost adj. 极度的,最大的,最远的; n. 极限,最大限度;
uttermost n. 极端,最大限度;
westernmost adj. 最西的;

MOST adv. 最,最多(大);much的最高级;非常,很;几乎; adj. many的最高级;最多的,最大的;大概的;大多数的,大部分的; n. 最大限度;大部分;大多数人;
rear-most adj. 最后面的;
Most Reverend n. (对大主教的尊称)最尊敬的大主教大人;
at most adv. 至多;最多;充其量;
at the very most 至多,充其量不超过;满打满算;
most-favoured-nation clause n. 最惠国待遇;
make the most of 最大限度地利用;
most probable velocity 最可几速度;
most significant end 最高端,最前端;
upper most position 最高位置;
most favoured licence clause 最惠特许条款;
at most adv. 至多;最多;充其量;
rear-most adj. 最后面的;
most powerful 最大功效的;
d most 耗尽型;
Most High 上帝;
most probable 最可能的;
Most's bath 莫斯特浴;莫斯特氏浴;
depletion most 耗尽型,耗尽型金属氧化物半导体晶体管;
most destructive 最有破坏性;
most severe injury degree 最大伤害度;
make the most of 最大限度地利用;