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英音 [ɔɪl] 美音 [ɔɪl]


n. 油;石油;油画;燃油;

vt. 给…加油;

vi. 化成油;


  1. a slippery or viscous liquid or liquefiable substance not miscible with water

  2. oil paint containing pigment that is used by an artist

  3. a dark oil consisting mainly of hydrocarbons

  4. any of a group of liquid edible fats that are obtained from plants

  1. cover with oil, as if by rubbing;

    "oil the wooden surface"

  2. administer an oil or ointment to ; often in a religious ceremony of blessing

oilbird n. (南美产的)大怪鸱;油鸱;
oilcan n. 油罐;油壶;
oilcloth n. 油布(油毯的一种);
oiled adj. 涂油的;喝醉的; v. 给…加油( oil的过去式);用油使光滑;
oiler n. 油商,注油壶;产油井;油轮;
oilpaper n. 油纸,桐油纸;
oilskin n. 油布(雨衣),防水布(衣);
oilstone n. 油磨刀石;
oily adj. 油的,油质的;含油的,油多的;油腻的;油滑的,会奉承的;

croton oil n. 巴豆油(用作泻剂);
hyacinth oil 风信子油;
cupu oil 壳斗油,大叶可可油;
hardened oil 硬化油,氢化油;
oil chuck 液压卡盘;
karaffin oil n. 煤油;
oil salvage 废油再生;
mobile oil 机器油,内燃机润滑油;
stitching oil 滚压油,缝纫机或制鞋机用动植物性润滑油;
primrose oil 樱草油;
domestic oil 国产石油;
oil-filled cable oil 油浸电缆油;
oil-to-oil booster 全液压增压器;
oil-to-oil intensifier 全液压增压器;
eed oil [医]除草油;
varnish oil 清漆油;
myrcia oil 香叶油;


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