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英音 [drɑ:ft] 美音 [dræft]


n. 汇票;草稿;选派;(尤指房间、烟囱、炉子等供暖系统中的)(小股)气流;

vt. 起草;制定;征募;

vi. 拟稿;绘样;作草图;

adj. 初步画出或(写出)的;(设计、草图、提纲或版本)正在起草中的,草拟的;以草稿形式的;草图的;


  1. a document ordering the payment of money; drawn by one person or bank on another

  2. a current of air (usually coming into a chimney or room or vehicle)

  3. a preliminary sketch of a design or picture

  4. a serving of drink (usually alcoholic) drawn from a keg;

    "they served beer on draft"

  5. any of the various versions in the development of a written work;

    "a preliminary draft"
    "the final draft of the constitution"

  6. the depth of a vessel's keel below the surface (especially when loaded)

  7. a regulator for controlling the flow of air in a fireplace

  8. a dose of liquid medicine;

    "he took a sleeping draft"

  9. compulsory military service

  10. a large and hurried swallow;

    "he finished it at a single gulp"

  11. the act of moving a load by drawing or pulling

  1. draw up an outline or sketch for something;

    "draft a speech"

  2. engage somebody to enter the army

  3. make a blueprint of

downdraft n. <美>倒灌风,下向通风,向下气流;
draftee n. 被征召入伍者;
drafter n. 起草者;
drafting n. 起草; v. 起草( draft的现在分词 );制定;征募;拟稿;
draftsman n. 起草人,立案者,绘图员;
draftsperson = draughtsman (1);
drafty adj. 通风良好的,有缝隙风吹入的;
indraft n. 吸入;
overdraft n. 透支;透支额;
updraft n. 上升气流;直焰;向上排气 ;向上通风;

clean draft 光票,普通汇票;
draft beer n. 生啤酒;
sharp draft 强力通风;
furnace draft 炉子抽力;
draft gauge 通风计,差压式风压计;
tanker draft 油槽船吃水;
draft sill 牵引梁;
positive draft 正压通风,人工通风;
date draft 远期汇票,定期汇票;
telegraphic draft 电汇票;
winter draft 冬季吃水;
direct draft 直接汇票;
tenor draft 限期汇票;
working draft 工作草案(ISO文件的一种);
Internet Draft [计] Internet草案;
rear draft 后牵伸;
draft marks 吃水标志;
draft head 气流落差;
exposure draft 征求意见草案,讨论稿;
draft capacity 送风能力,排出风量;


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