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英音 [mʌtʃ] 美音 [mʌtʃ]


adv. 非常;差不多;很多地;很大程度上;

adj. 许多的,大量的;

pron. 很多;大量;很好的东西;(与不可数名词连用,尤用于否定句,或与 how 连用以询问数量,也可与 as、so 和 too 连用)许多;


  1. a great amount or extent;

    "they did much for humanity"

  1. (quantifier used with mass nouns) great in quantity or degree or extent;

    "not much rain"
    "much affection"
    "much grain is in storage"

  1. to a great degree or extent;

    "she's much better now"

  2. very;

    "he was much annoyed"

  3. to a very great degree or extent;

    "I feel a lot better"
    "we enjoyed ourselves very much"
    "she was very much interested"
    "this would help a great deal"

  4. (degree adverb used before a noun phrase) for all practical purposes but not completely;

    "much the same thing happened every time"
    "practically everything in Hinduism is the manifestation of a god"

  5. frequently or in great quantities;

    "I don't drink much"
    "I don't travel much"

muchness n. 多量,大量;
overmuch adv.& adj. 过多地(的);

pretty much 几乎,差不多;
count much 非常重要,举足轻重,有很大价值;
thus much 这些,就此;
very much 非常;良;无可不可;
much-travelled adj. 旅游多的;
how much 多少,什么价钱,到什么程度;
nothing much 非常少;
much less 更不用说;何况;
by much 大大地,…得多;
so much 多少;那么些;这么些;很,深深地;
much more adv. 更加;多;
how much 多少,什么价钱,到什么程度;
as much 同样地;
too much <非正>过分;够瞧的;过多;
much as... 虽然很…;
Much's reaction 精神性反应;
Much's granules 穆赫粒;穆赫氏粒;
thus much 这些,就此;
much less 更不用说;何况;
much more adv. 更加;多;
this much 这么多话;
much branched 多枝的;