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英音 [mi:nz] 美音 [minz]


n. 方法( mean的名词复数);手段;收入;财富;

v. 意味着( mean的第三人称单数);引起;打算或注定要某人成为或做某事;


  1. how a result is obtained or an end is achieved;

    "a means of control"
    "an example is the best agency of instruction"
    "the true way to success"

  2. an instrumentality for accomplishing some end

  3. considerable capital (wealth or income);

    "he is a man of means"

meand n. 老露天矿;
meandering n. 蜿蜒的河流,漫步,聊天; adj. 蜿蜒的,漫步的,聊天的; v. (指溪流、河流等)蜿蜒而流( meander的现在分词 );
meanderings n. 曲折的路,迂回曲折的进程;
meandrine adj. (尤指珊瑚表面)成襞皱的,多纡曲的;
meanspirited adj. 卑鄙的;

reconnaissance means 侦察手段;
narrow means 穷困;
heating means 加热方法;
optical means 光学方法,光学装置;
practice means 实用方法;
logic means 逻辑方法;
regulation means 调整方法;
engaging means 接通机构;
antihunt means 防振设备;
protecting means 保护装置,保险装置;
improvised means 应用器材;
supplementary means 辅助手段;
joining means 连接措施;
unlawful means 非[不]法手段;
economic means 经济手段;
mask means 掩模法;
illegal means 不法手段;
terroristic means 恐怖手段;
equitable means 公平方式;
controlling means 调节装置,控制设备,控制方法;


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