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青少儿英语指南    2019-03-08 19:50:39




1. Hello! / Hi!

2. Good morning / afternoon / evening!

3. Im Kathy King.

4. Are you Peter Smith?

5. Yes, I am. / No, Im not.

6. How are you?

7. Fine, thanks. And you?

8. Im fine, too.

9. How is Amy / your wife / your husband?

10. She is very well, thank you.

11. Good night, Jane.

12. Good-bye, Mike.

13. See you tomorrow.

14. See you later.

15. I have to go now.

二、【日常用语英语】Expression In Class课堂用语

16.May I come in?

17.Come in,please.

18.Sit down,please.

19.It’s time for class.

20.Open your books and turn to page 20.

21.I’ll call the roll before class.


23.Has everybody got a sheet?

24.Any different opinion?

25.Are you with me?

26.Have I made myself clear?

27.Could you say it again?

28.Any questions?

29.That’s all for today.

30.Please turn in your paper before leaving.

三、【日常用语英语】Identifying Objects

31.What’s this?

32.It’s a pen.

33.Is this your handbag?

34.No,it isn’t./Yes,it is.

35.Whose pen is this?

36.It’s Kate’s.

37.Is that a car?

38.No,it isn’t.It’s a bus.

39.What do you call this in English?

40.What is the color of your new book?

41.How big is your house?

42.How long is the street?

43.What’s the name of the cat?

44.Where’s the company?

45.Which is the right size?

四、【日常用语英语】About Belongings

46. What;s this?

47. It;s an air-conditioner.

48. Is this yours?

49. Yes, it;s mine.

50. Where are my glasses?

51. Do you know where ;ve put my glasses?

52. Over there.

53. On the desk.

54. Is this your pen? I found it under the desk.

55. No. Mine is blue.

56. Which is your bag?

57. The bigger one.

58. The one on your right.

59. Are these books all yours?

60. Some of them are mine.