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One day a little monkey is playing by the well(一天一只小猴子在井边玩耍),He looks in the well and shouts(它井里一看高喊道:我的天、月亮掉井里了),An older monkeys runs over takes a look and says:“The moon is really in the water!”(一只年老的猴子跑过来看了说:糟糕、月亮掉井里了)。And olderly monkey comes over(一只更老的猴子跑过来看了,喊道:糟了、月亮掉井了)。They look at the moon in the well and shout:“Let’get it out!”(一群猴子跑过来看,喊道:月亮掉井了,快、我们把它捞起来),Then the oldest monkey hangs on the tree up side down , with his feet on the branch(然后老猴子倒挂在书上拉住大猴子的脚),And he pulls the next monkey’s feet with his hands(其他的猴子一个跟着一个,一只连着一只到井里面)Just before they reach the moon, the oldest monkey raises his head and happens to see the moon in the sky, he yells excitedly:“Don’t be so foolish、The moon is still in the sky!”(正在他们摸到月亮的时候,老猴子抬头一看月亮在天上呢,它兴奋地大叫起来:别蠢了、月亮在天上呢)。


One day a colt took a bag of wheat to the mill(一天一只小马驮着麦子去磨坊),As he was running with the bag on his back、he came to a small river(当他驮着口袋向前跑时被一条河挡住了去处)Looking around he saw a cow grazing nearby(环顾四周他发现一只牛在河边吃草).He asked: “Aunt Cow,could you tell me if I can cross the river?” The cow told him that he could and that the river was not very deep,just knee high(他问奶牛这条河他能趟过去吗,奶牛说水很浅、刚到膝盖而已)。Later at the river, the squirrel stopped the colt again. “Little horse,it's too dangerous!” (小马来到河边刚要下水,松鼠喊道:你不要命啦),“No, I want to try myself”, answered the colt(小马回答道:我想自己试试)。Then he crossed the river carefully and realized that the river was neither as shallow as the cow said nor as deep as the squirrel told him(然后他下了河小心地趟过去,既不像奶牛说的那么浅也不像松鼠说的那么深)。