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Hi,boys and girls, good morning(大家早上好),it is my pleasure to take this change to introduce myself(很荣幸有这个机会来介绍自己)。My name is Li mei(我的名字叫做李梅), I am 10 years old(我今年10岁了)。About my family(关于我的家庭), there are 4 people in my family, father、mother、brother and me(我们家有四口人:爸爸、爸爸、哥哥和我), my father and mother are all very kind(我的爸爸妈妈是非常友好的), welcome you to visit my family if you have time(有时间的话欢迎来我家做客)。I ’m a very outgoing gir(我是一个很外向的女孩), I like reading、playing games and listening to music(我喜欢阅读、玩游戏和听音乐), of course I also like to make friends with all the people in the school(当然我也喜欢与人交朋友), I hope I will be your best friends in the school life(我希望我们可以成为最好的朋友)。


Hello, my name is Li mei(大家好我的名字是李梅),I'm from Beijing(我来自于北京)。As you can see I have a round face and the big eyes(正如你看到的我的脸圆圆的、我的眼睛也很大),I like music very much(我非常喜欢音乐)。In my spare time(在我空闲的时间), I like take some reading and go shopping(我想要进行一些阅读和购物),It can make me feel happy(它能让我很开心)。I like chatting with others(我喜欢和别人闲谈), because it can help me to know this world(因为它可以使我认知这个世界)。I have lots of friends(我也有很多朋友),All the things in the world are colorful(所有这个世界上的事物都是很精彩的),I love peace and I take proud of my motherland(我爱和平并且为我的祖国感到骄傲),Thank you(谢谢大家)。



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