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青少儿英语指南    2020-04-27 16:48:10


目的状语从句指的是用来补充说明主句中谓语动词发生的目的的状语从句。目的状语从句常常由so that(以便), in order that(为了), so(以便), lest(以免), for fear that(以防)等词引导。 目的状语从句例句.jpg 目的状语从句的谓语常含有情态动词,例如can, could, may, might, should, will, would等。

例句如下: (1)I should get up early in order that I can catch the train. 我需要早起去赶火车。

(2)I set up the computer so that they could work from home. 我把电脑设置好,这样他们就可以在家办公了。

(3)Read in a good light lest it should hurt your eyes. 到明处来看书,免得搞坏了视力。

(4)They spoke in whispers lest they should be heard. 他们低声耳语惟恐被人听见。

(5)He worked hard for fear that he might be fired by the boss. 他拼命地干活惟恐被老板解雇。

(6)She locked herself in for fear that anyone might come to disturb her. 她倒锁上门,免得有人烦她。

(7)I brought a notebook on my trip, in case I was seized by sudden inspiration. 我在旅途上带了个笔记本,以便突然有了灵感(可以记录下来)。

(8)In case I forget, please remind me of my promise. 假如我忘记了,请提醒一下我的诺言。

(9)They worked hard in order that they might succeed. 他们努力工作,以便能够获得成功。

(10)Let me remind you once again so that you won’t forget. 我再说一遍,以防你忘了。

(11)In case anyone was following me, I made an elaborate detour. 为了防止有人跟踪我,我特地绕了弯路。

(12)I’ll give you all the facts so that you can judge for yourself. 我把所有事实都告诉你,以便你自己作出判断。

(13)Don’t forget to take your umbrella in case it rains. 别忘了带伞,下雨好用。

(14)Send me a letter as soon as you arrive so that I won’t worry. 到了就来信,省得我挂念。

(15)She studies hard for fear that she might fail the exam. 她努力学习,以防考试挂科。