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英音 [ˈwɔ:tə(r)] 美音 [ˈwɔtɚ, ˈwɑtɚ]


n. 水;雨水;海水;海域;

v. 给…浇水;供以水;加水稀释;流泪;


  1. binary compound that occurs at room temperature as a clear colorless odorless tasteless liquid; freezes into ice below 0 degrees centigrade and boils above 100 degrees centigrade; widely used as a solvent

  2. the part of the earth's surface covered with water (such as a river or lake or ocean);

    "they invaded our territorial waters"
    "they were sitting by the water's edge"

  3. once thought to be one of four elements composing the universe (Empedocles)

  4. a facility that provides a source of water;

    "the town debated the purification of the water supply"
    "first you have to cut off the water"

  5. liquid excretory product;

    "there was blood in his urine"
    "the child had to make water"

  6. a liquid necessary for the life of most animals and plants;

    "he asked for a drink of water"

  1. supply with water, as with channels or ditches or streams;

    "Water the fields"

  2. provide with water;

    "We watered the buffalo"

  3. secrete or form water, as tears or saliva;

    "My mouth watered at the prospect of a good dinner"
    "His eyes watered"

  4. fill with tears;

    "His eyes were watering"

Atwater [人名] 阿特沃特;[地名] [加拿大、美国] 阿特沃特;
Bridgewater [人名] [英格兰人姓氏] 布里奇沃特住所名称,含义是“沃尔特的桥”(Walter's bridge);[地名] [澳大利亚、加拿大、美国] 布里奇沃特;
Clearwater [地名] [加拿大、美国] 克利尔沃特;
Drinkwater 德林克沃特(姓氏);
Goldwater n. 金水酒(一种含有大量小片金叶状物的酒,原产于波兰格但斯克);
Rainwater n. 雨水,软水;
Stillwater [地名] [加拿大、美国] 斯蒂尔沃特;
backwater n. 回水,回流;滞水,死水;闭塞的地方;不受外界事件或新思想影响的地方; v. 倒开船;食言;
breakwater n. 防波堤;
cutwater n. 船头破浪处,桥脚的分水角;
dewater vt. 使脱水;
dishwater n. 洗碟的水,洗碗水;
fairwater n. 流线装置;
firewater n. 火酒,烈酒;
floodwater n. 洪水;
freshwater adj. 淡水的;内陆的; n. 淡水;内河;淡水湖;
headwater n. (河流)上游源头;
jerkwater adj. 微小的;
limewater n. 石灰水;
rainwater n. 雨水,软水;
saltwater adj. 盐水的;海产的;
seawater n. 海水;海流;
shearwater n. 剪嘴鸥;
tidewater n. 潮水,水位受海潮影响的河溪; adj. 潮水的;
underwater adj. 在水中的;水面下的; adv. 在水下,在水中;
wastewater n. 废水;
waterbed 水床;
waterborne adj. 水上的,水运的;
waterbuck n. 非洲大羚羊;
watercolor n. 水彩;水彩颜料;水彩画;水彩画艺术; adj. 水彩的,水彩画的;
watercourse n. 水道,河道;
watercraft n. 船只;船舶;
watercress n. <植>水田芥;豆瓣菜;西洋菜;
waterfall n. 瀑布;瀑布似的东西;<美俚>(披垂的)波型长发;
waterfinder n. 探测水源的人;
waterfowl n. 水鸟,水禽;
waterfront n. 海滨,江边;装在火炉前部的热水缸;

water right n. 用水权;
make water v. 小便,漏水;小解;尿;
water mass 水团;
water-cannon n. 水炮,高压水枪;
water point 引水点;
water filler 水性填孔料;
water undertaking 供水企业,自来水公司;
bromine water 溴水;
water-rate n. 自来水费;
water down 掺水于;用水把…冲淡;削弱;使缓和;
water flooding 水驱法,注水法(采油);
water to water system 水水系统;
water to water heater 水水加热器;
water water energetic reactor 水水动力堆;
water-water reactor 水水堆;
occlusion water 封闭水;
water-pang [医] 胃灼热;
fisheries water 水产用水;
water constants 水常数;
water adit 排水平巷;
combined water 结合水,化合水;
water standards [医]水质标准;